Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests – 3rd Edition (WRMT-III)

Title: Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests – 3rd Edition (WRMT-III)
Author: Richard W. Woodcock
Year: 2011
Description: The Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests, Third Edition (WRMT – III) is a comprehensive battery of individually administered tests that measure reading readiness and reading achievement in examinees from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 and from ages 4 years 6 months (4:6) through 79 years 11 months (79:11). The WRMT-III battery is designed to provide detailed information about an examinee’s reading performance that can be used to develop effective, individually tailored reading intervention programs. All test items are ordered in increasing difficulty, with grade-specific start points to ensure examiners administer only those items within the examinee’s functional range. The majority of items are administered with the stimulus book. The WRMT-III Online Scoring Reporting System offers several types of norm-referenced scores that facilitate communication and interpretation of results. Scoring can also be completed by hand, using the norms tables in Appendix A.

The WRMT – III battery represents a significant revision of the previous WRMT instrument, the primary goals of the WRMT-III revision were to (a) provide a means to assess reading acquisition skills in younger examinees through the addition of tests such as Phonological Awareness and Rapid Automatic Naming; (b) provide a more thorough assessment of reading achievement through the addition of tests such as Listening Comprehension and Oral Reading Fluency; and (c) expand the analysis of errors to include Phonological Awareness, Listening Comprehension, Passage Comprehension, and Oral Reading Fluency. These changes reflect the battery’s definition of reading ability as a global ability based on five facets of an examinee’s reading skill: word identification, phonological decoding, word comprehension, passage comprehension, and oral reading fluency. Available in two parallel forms (Form A and Form B), the WMRT-III battery is made up of nine tests, five of which were retained from the previous version. The entire WRMT-III battery should take between 15-45 minutes to administer, depending on the examinee’s grade or age.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 2 complete kits – Form A & Form B

  • 1 Manual (Shared between kits)
  • Form A kit:
    • Stimulus Book: Form A
    • 1 Record Forms @$4.50/each
    • 1 Oral Reading Fluency Forms @$2.00/each
    • 5 laminated cards
      • 4 stimulus Cards: Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN)
      • 1 information sheet
    • Audio CD: Form A – (ASK PRC STAFF FOR CD – filed with WRMT-III Protocol folder c.1 – N.B return CD to Protocol drawer on return)
  • Form B kit:
    • Stimulus Book: Form B @ $200.00
    • 25 Record Forms @$4.50/each
    • 25 Oral Reading Fluency Forms @$2.00/each
    • 4 Stimulus Cards: Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN)
    • Information Sheet
    • Audio CD: Form B (ASK PRC STAFF FOR CD – filed with WRMT-III Protocol folder c.1 – N.B return CD to Protocol drawer on return)
Location: 2 Kits located in BSB 160G (Shelf 7)
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: English and Language, Aptitude, Clinical Assessment
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