Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP)

Title: Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP)
Author: Schrank, F., &  and Wendling, B.
Year: 2008
Description: The Woodcock Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP) is a computer software program designed to help professional examiners create psychological and educational reports that describe the performance of individuals who were administered one of any combination of the following test batteries:

  • Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities (Normative Update) (WJ IV COG)
  • Woodcock-Johnson III (Diagnostic Supplement to the Tests of Cognitive Abilities (Normative Update) (DS)
  • Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (Normative Update) (WJ IV ACH)
  • Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, Form C/Brief Battery (Brief Battery)
    • This manual contains an overview of the program descriptions of the interpretive plan, checklists, and interventions. For ease of use, reproducible checklists accompany the program. The WIIIP, calculates scores and produces a variety of interpretive reports. These report types include a Comprehensive Report, a Summary and Score Report, A Score Report, a Proficiency Profile Report, an Age/Grade Profile, a Standard Score/Percentile Rank Profile, and a Diagnostic Worksheet.The following checklists are included as reproducible appendixes to this manual:
      • Reason for Referral Checklist (Appendix A)
      • Parent’s Checklist (Appendix B)
      • Teacher’s Checklist (Appendix C)
      • Classroom Behavior (Appendix D)
      • Self-Report Checklist: Adolescent/Adult (Appendix E)
      • Academic Processes Checklist (Appendix F)
      • Executive Processes and Cognitive Fluency Checklist (Appendix G)
      • Writing Evaluation Scale (Appendix H)
Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individuals
  • 1 Manual and 8 Checklists
  • 1 CD Package
Location: Extra forms in BSB 158A
Publisher: Nelson Education
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Achievement, Aptitude, Clinical Assessment
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