Wisconsin Card Sorting Test – 64 Card Version (WCST-64)

Title: Wisconsin Card Sorting Test – 64 Card Version (WCST-64)
Author: Kongs, S.K., Thompson, L.T., Iverson, G.L., & Heaton, R.K.
Year: 2000
Description: The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-64 Card Version (WCST-64) uses only the first 64 WCST cards from the standard 128 item card version, shortening the administration time for most individuals while retaining the task requirements of the standard version. The WCST-64 eliminates variability in the number of cards administered, facilitating straightforward comparisons of test-retest stability and comparisons of individual test results with normative and validity data. During standardization, individual WCST protocols were obtained and rescored based on the first 64 cards. Normative, reliability, and validity data are derived from the same samples used in the standard WCST and described in the revised and expanded WCST manual. WCST-64 raw scores with corresponding demographically corrected normative data (452 children and adolescents and 445 adults) are provided, along with explicit instructions for standardized administration and scoring, in the WCST-64 Card Version Professional Manual.
Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 Professional Manual @ $ 200.00
  • 1 WCST-64 Card Deck @ $ 140.00
  • 50 Record Booklets @ $ 3.50 / each
Location: BSB 159
Publisher: PAR
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Aptitude, Neuropsychological
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