West Haven – Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI/MPI)

Title: West Haven – Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI/MPI)
Author: Kerns, R.D., Turk, D.C., & Rudy, T.E.
Year: 1985
Description: The West Haven – Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI/MPI) is based on a cognitive-behavioral theory of pain emphasizing the role of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors in the experience of pain and related disability. The MPI is composed of 61 items across three domains and is recommended for use in conjunction with behavioral and psychophysiological strategies to assess chronic pain in individuals. The first domain assessess patient life factors; the second domain assesses the responses of others to the patient’s pain; and the third domain assess the extent to which patients participate in daily activities.

Software provides normative scores for MPI based on a sample of 376 respondents diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Output includes MPI subscale scores, summary scale scores, best psychosocial profile fit, and estimated profile stability. Norms and scoring criteria are adapted from McKillop and Neilson (2011).

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete kit

  • 2 copies of test
  • 2 copes of West Haven – Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory – for Significant Others
  • 2 copies of Normative Data
  • 2 copies of “Letter from Author”
  • 2 copies of Description, psychometric properties
  • 2 copies of source article
  • 2 copies of test description
  • 2 copies of MPI manual/software details
Publisher: Yale University School of Medicine
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Sensory-Motor, Clinical Assessment, Neuropsychological
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