Wechsler Memory Scale – Revised (WMS-R) – SUPERSEDED

Title: Wechsler Memory Scale – Revised (WMS-R) – SUPERSEDED
Author: Wechsler, D.
Year: 1987
Description: Please note the current version is Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition: Canadian (WMS-IV)

The Wechsler Memory Scale (Revised) is an individually administered measure of memory for verbal and figural stimuli, memory for meaningful and abstract material, and delayed and immediate recall. It can be used as a diagnostic or screening device as part of a general neuropsychological examination or other clinical examination that requires the assessment of memory functioning.

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual
  • 1 Manual 39 Record Forms @ $2.20/each
  • 1 Visual Paired Associates-Folder A
  • 1 Visual Paired Associates-Folder B
  • 1 set of Visual Reproduction Cards (4 each set : A,B,C and D)
  • 1 sets of  Visual Memory Span Cards (2 each set: A and B)
Location: BSB 158A
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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