Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition: Canadian (WMS-IV)

Title: Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition: Canadian (WMS-IV)
Author: Wechsler, D.
Year: 2009
Description: The Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition: Canadian (WMS-IV), is an individually administered battery designed to assess various memory and working memory abilities in individuals ages 16-90. In addition to the assessment of memory functioning, the WMS-IV contains a brief evaluation of cognitive status. Two batteries are contained with the WMS-IV: an Adult battery for individuals ages 16-90, and a shorter Older Adult battery developed for use with individuals ages 65-90. This shorter battery was developed to decrease testing time, reduce examinee fatigue and improve the psychometric functioning of the subtests in older adults. In addition, no manipulatives are required to administer the Older Adult battery, increasing kit portability. To allow examiners more flexibility, individuals ages 65-69 may be administered wither the Adult or Older Adult battery. The WMS-IV provides a detailed assessment of clinically-relevant aspects of memory functioning commonly reported in individuals with suspected memory deficits or diagnosed with a wide range of neurological, psychiatric, and developmental disorders. Psychologists practicing in psychiatric, medical, educational, forensic, counseling, or any clinical setting will find the WMS-IV a useful component of their psychological assessment battery. The WMS-IV contains a total of seven substests: three subtests retained from the WMS-III (Logical Memory, Verbal Paired Associates, and Visual Reproduction), and four new subtests (Brief Cognitive Status Exam, Designs, Spatial Addition, and Symbol Span). Of the seven WMS-IV subtests, six are considered primary subtests and are used to derive index scores and one subtest is optional. The primary subtest scaled stores (Logical Memory, Verbal Paired Associates, Designs, Visual Reproduction, Spatial Addition, and Symbol Span) are used to derive the five index scores. The Brief Cognitive Status Exam Subtest is optional and may be administered to obtain additional or supplementary information, but it does not contribute to an index score. The BCSE provides an overall picture of cognitive functioning.
Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 3 Complete Kits

  • 4  Administration and Scoring Manual ( 1 Standalone Manual for marking/scoring purposes) @ $ 300.00
  • 3 Technical and Interpretative Manual @ $ 285.00
  • 3 Stimulus Book 1 @ $ 275.00
  • 3 Stimulus Book 2 @  $ 275.00
  • 3 Scoring Template @ $ TBD (***KIT 2 – Scoring template missing from envelope – October 24, 2017***)
  • 25 + Adult Record Forms for Adults (16-69) @ $6.50/each
  • 25 + Older Adult Record Forms for Adults (65-90) @ $3.75/each
  • 50 +3  Response Booklets @ $2.75/each
  • 3 Memory Grid @ $ TBD
  • 3 sets – Designs and Spatial Addition Cards (total 66) @ $ 150.00
    • WMS-IV Designs Cards Demonstration Item (2)
    • WMS-IV Designs Cards Item A (8)
    • WMS-IV Designs Cards Item B (12)
    • WMS-IV Designs Cards Item C (12)
    • WMS-IV Designs Cards Item D (16)
    • WMS-IV Spatial Addition Cards (16)
      • 4 White Circle
      • 4 Red Circle
      • 8 Blue Circle
  • Scoring software installed on laptop, see PRC staff for assistance.
  • Training CD (c. 1 & 3 Masters; c. 2 Circulating copy)
Location: 1) 3 Kits located in BSB 160G (Shelf 8)

2) copy 4 Standalone Administration & Scoring Manual located in Filing Cabinet c. 2 folder

3) Extra Record Forms 16-69 years – BSB 158A – February 5, 2019

Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Neuropsychological, Aptitude
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