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  • “As of May 13, 2019, Qualtrics users seeking support will be required to login to the Support Center in order to submit a ticket to Qualtrics Support. This change is a required security update that ensures the utmost privacy of user accounts, including preventing anyone from posing as another user.When accessing the Support Center, users will be given the opportunity to login with their Qualtrics account credentials. After logging in, the support process will remain unchanged. Please note, however, that the Qualtrics Support team will only be able to provide support assistance for the account that the user used to authenticate into the Support Center to submit a ticket.If a user is unable to login or does not have a Qualtrics account, they will be directed to a Limited Support Center by clicking “Can’t login or don’t have an account?” on the Support Center login screen, through which they will be able to request support. Due to the lack of security protocol involved with this method, we will require that the Limited Support Center only be used for login issues and account creation issues.” – (May 13, 2019)

If you have questions about how to use Qualtrics, you may contact their support team:

  • Webinars by topics
  • Research Success Kit – kit contains researcher-produced content and templates to help you create impactful surveys. Click here
  • 7 Tips for Writing Surveys -e-book to help you master the details of survey writing. Click here
  • Qualtrics Support – “An entire library of articles, manuals, and troubleshooting tools — right at your fingertips.” Click here.
  • Research Success Kit – Researcher-produced content and templates. Click here
  • In-house “experts” – the department would like to have a list of current Qualtrics users who would volunteer to act as a resource for beginners. If you would like to be included please contact Mihaela Stancescu [ ] or Eric Austerberry [ ]

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