Trauma Symptom Inventory 2 (TSI-2)

Title: Trauma Symptom Inventory 2 (TSI-2)
Author: Briere, J. 
Year: 2011
Description: The Trauma Symptom Inventory 2 (TSI-2) is designed to evaluate post-traumatic stress and other psychological sequelae of traumatic events. This broadband measure evaluates acute and chronic symptomatology, including the effects of sexual and physical assault, intimate partner violence, combat, torture, motor vehicle accidents, mass casualty events, medical trauma, traumatic losses, and childhood abuse or neglect.

The TSI-2 consists of 136 items and assesses a wide range of potentially complex symptomatology, ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociation, and somatization to insecure attachment styles, impaired self-capacities, and dysfunctional behaviors.

Introduced in this edition are three new scales (Insecure Attachment, Somatic Preoccupations, and Suicidality) and two new subscales (Hyperarousal and Other-Directedness). The four TSI-2 summary factors are either new to this version or have been reconfigured based on newly added or modified scales.

New items were introduced to the TSI-2 validity scales in order to assess a client’s tendencies to deny symptoms that are commonly endorsed, to over endorse unusual or bizarre symptoms, or to respond in an inconsistent or random manner. The Atypical Response validity scale was redesigned to assess not only over reporting in general, but also potential misinterpretation of PTSD.

18 to 88 years

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual
  • TSI-2 Professional Manual @ $70
  • 10 TSI-2 Reusable Item Booklets @ $5/ea (Not for resale)
  • 25 TSI-2 Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets @ $2.75/ea
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Location: BSB 160
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. – PAR Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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