Trail Making Test (Adults & Children Kits)

Title: Trail Making Test (Adults & Children Kits)
Author: Reitan, R.M.
Year: 1992
Description: Trail Making Test for Adults:

For evaluation of persons 15 years of age and older, the Trail Making Test (Part A and Part B) is widely used and sensitive for brief examinations for brain impairment. Recent research shows that Trails B is a broad screening procedure for possible neuropsychological impairment. The Trail Making Test requires the subject to keep the alphabetical and numerical sequences in mind, shifting back and forth while integrating them and simultaneously searching the page for the correct stimulus item, all under the pressure of doing the task as rapidly as possible (and thus measuring efficiency of performance per unit of time). The test emphasized flexibility in organizing stimulus material, keeping two sequences in mind at the same time, and accomplishing the task quickly.

The individual’s score on the Trail Making Test contributes to the Neuropsychological Deficit Scale (NDS) score.

Trail Making Test for Children:

For evaluation of older children (9 to 14 years), this Trail Making Test is similar to the Trail Making Test for adults, except that the child deals with 15 stimuli rather than 25. This test requires immediate recognition of the symbolic significance of numbers and letters, ability to scan the page continuously to identify the next number or letter in sequence, flexibility in integrating the numerical and alphabetical series, and completion of these requirements under the pressure of time. The Trail Making Test is one of the best measures of general brain function (Reitan 1955, 1958, 2009, in press)

The child’s scores on the Trail Making Test contributes to the Neuropsychological Deficit Scale (NDS) for older children

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
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  • 2 ” Trail Making Test Results for Normal and Brain-Damaged Children” Article
Publisher: Reitan Neuropsychology Laboratory
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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