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Independent Undergraduate Honours Theses:

  • We currently have copies of all Independent Honours undergraduate psychology theses for the last 10 years.
  • These theses cannot be borrowed or photocopied, they can only be viewed in the PRC.
  • N.B. PSYCH – 4170 course theses papers are not kept by the PRC.
  • Keep your copy safe and backed-up in case you need it later!
  • Here is the list of the W.B. Templeton Award Winners

Please check the Department home page for details of Awards & Scholarships. Two of note that are applicable for outstanding undergraduate theses are:

  • W.B. Templeton Honours Thesis Award:Supervisors can nominate an outstanding honours thesis for the  W.B.Templeton Honours Thesis Award.
  • Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Award/Prize:Outstanding qualitative papers written by graduate and undergraduatestudents in any of the departments of psychology at York (Faculty of Health, Glendon College, and Graduate Studies) can be nominated for the Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Award/Prize. Completed work may be historical,theoretical or empirical, but will be distinguished by its focus on qualitative methods illuminating psychological processes.

Graduate – (MA) Theses and (Ph.D) Dissertations:

  • York University moves to Electronic Thesis and Dissertation submission

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and York University Libraries announce that beginning September 30, 2013, graduate students will be able to submit the final approved copies of their thesis or dissertation electronically using the new Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) platform. Beginning in January, 2014, paper submission were fully replaced by electronic submission.

For full details see:

  • We have hard copies of most graduate psychology theses and dissertations for the current five years.
  • Please note that it may take several months for the most recent theses to arrive in the PRC.
  • Graduate students and faculty may borrow these on a 48 hour loan.
  • Undergraduates cannot borrow, but they may browse these in the PRC and/or make limited copies (if the thesis is not available through York’s library system).
  • York University theses and dissertations from 1967 to the present can be browsed in the Dissertations and Theses @ York University database, the full-text of most York Theses can be downloaded for free
  • You can also search via the regular Library catalogue
  • You may want to check out York Libraries’ page on Finding Theses and Dissertations
  • Again, remember that the most recent theses may not be available online for several months
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