Tests - General Information

Tests – General Information

One of the primary functions of the PRC is to maintain, archive and facilitate the Department’s Psychological Test Inventory.
The PRC staff assists users by locating & lending tests for research, clinical and/or academic applications.

Our test collection is divided into two categories:

Please note: many of the tests themselves are not available on our website, but you can visit us in person to follow-up on accessing them.

Tests – Commercial & Compendia Information

If you are an undergraduate student please be aware of the following:

For more information regarding how to access test kits at the PRC please refer to the 4000 & 4170 Undergraduate Test Use Checklist

Here are the general steps an undergraduate should take to start the process of accessing PRC resources:

  • Talk with your professor/ TA about which instruments are suitable for your project.
  • Obtain Ethics approval for your project.
  • Obtain the author’s/publisher’s permission to use the test.
  • Complete any training or certification that is required to administer the test properly.

Compendia Tests
In the PRC we have available  non-commercial tests which are more accessible to use for reference as an undergraduate student.

Test compendia volumes can provide you with the test itself or information about the test e.g. administration, scoring, reliability, validity, norms, source references, etc.

  • While the measures may be reprinted in the compendias or articles, the authors and/or the publishers retain ownership. Permission may still be required from the author and/or publisher – sometimes this is explicitly stated.
      • These tests tend to be shorter and easier to use.
      • Typically they were originally published by researcher(s) in peer reviewed journals. They do not typically have fees associated with them to use.
      • Tests that are referenced in various articles but are not found in the compendia may be obtained by directly contacting the researcher who created the test or measure.
      • The call numbers used by the PRC are also the call numbers used at Scott Library.
        Please refer to our test legend for reference if you wish to visit Scott Library for further resources.

The “Type” field usually provides an indication if the entry contains the “Test” itself or just source information

  • Source will provide the source reference – not the actual the test itself
  • Test will include the actual test with items.

Commercial Tests

The test publishers hold the copyright to the commercial tests therefore they set the policies that determine who is qualified to use, administer, and interpret the test. This eligibility is based upon the user’s level of training and education.

      • Commercial tests are often clinical, longer and/or more complex tests which have been standardized, have established norms and often have multiple parts and/or manipulatives.
      • The PRC adheres to the publisher’s policies regarding test use. Therefore, certain tests have a restricted access.

Tests have been assigned Qualification levels:
A, B, and C  – these are set by the individual publisher.

Level A – an undergraduate degree or courses/ training in testing.

Level B – post-graduate training

Level C – a licensed, accredited psychologist

  • Some Level A and / or B test protocols (e.g. answer booklets) may be made available for purchase to undergraduates with an e-mail from their Course Director.
    Tests - Usage & Pricing

Prices of Protocols

The price of a protocol is determined by:
1) the level of your education
2) the type of protocol needed

If you are a York undergraduate student:

      • If you wish to examine or use a commercial test from the PRC, you must be working with a department faculty member who is responsible for supervising your use of the test, its administration, scoring and interpretation.
      • The onus is on the faculty member to ensure that the ethical and legal standards are maintained.
      • For more information regarding ethics please refer to York University's Research Ethics 

In order for an undergraduate to access a commercial tests
the professor must send an email to the PRC (hebblab@gmail.com)

The email must specifically state:

  1. The particular test the student wishes to have access too
  2.  the student's name
  3. The student's York University student number

If you are a York psychology graduate student:

  • You can access psychological testing materials at a level corresponding to your educational experience and needs.
  • Generally test kits can be signed out for 2 days.

If you are a York psychology faculty member:

  • Generally tests can be signed out for 48 hours

If you are none of the above:

Non-York members, Non-Psychology faculty, and students from other departments are generally not allowed access to testing materials held by the PRC.

      • Exceptions require the approval of the Faculty Coordinator and are handled on a case by case basis.
Psychological Tests

More Information Regarding Psychological Tests

The links below provide supplemental links to organizations, websites, and tools that provide further information about tests and other resources.


PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information

One can obtain access via the York University library website.
Please click here for more information

Help with navigating PsycTESTS can be accessed here 


If you need help finding psychological tests you can read APA’s guide

PAR offers an assessment toolkit which can provide you with readily available calculations and norms needed for an assessment.

You can download the PAR assessment toolkit here 


If you wish to access more tests there is the Eric Test Locator.
The Test Collection can be accessed by clicking the link.

More Places to Access Psychological Tests

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