Test of Memory and Learning – Senior Edition (TOMAL-SE)

Title: Test of Memory and Learning – Senior Edition (TOMAL-SE)
Author: Reynolds, C. R. & Voress, J.K.
Year: 2012
Description: The Test of Memory and Learning – Senior Edition (TOMAL-SE) is an upward extension and adaptation of teh TOMAL – 2nd Edition for assessing older individuals. relative to the TOMAL-2, the TOMAL-SE is considerably shorter in number of sub-tests and in administration time, with the standard battery routinely requiring less than 30 minutes to administer. A new subtest, Word List Learning, replaces the TOMAL-2 Word Selective Reminding subtest. The number of supplementary indexes was reduced to two: the Delayed Recall Index and the Learning Index. Two TOMAL-SE subtests, Word List Learning and Visual Sequential Memory, are strong measures of working memory and can be used to estimate verbal and nonverbal working memory as working memory has been traditionally conceived.
Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual
  • 1 Examiner’s Manual @$90.00
  • 1 Picture Book
  • 1 Bag with 15 clear chips
  • 25 Examiner Record Booklets @ $2.50
Publisher: PRO-ED Inc.
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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