Survey Monkey


The PRC has two Gold subscriptions to SurveyMonkey – one for Faculty & Graduate students and another for Undergraduate students.

Please fill out the following form to apply for access to our SurveyMonkey subscription:

Click here for Survey Monkey application form

1) Psychology Faculty members & Graduate Students
If you are a Psychology Faculty member or graduate student, please complete this form. E-mail it to me or print it out and return to me in BSB 160 or my mailbox. I will then be able to e-mail you the necessary login information.

2) Undergraduates – 4000 & 4170s
Undergraduates must have their supervisor’s authorization to use this account. Supervisor’s authorize and are responsible for their students’ use of the account. Faculty can e-mail their permission to me  or sign the Survey Monkey User’s Agreement Form and the student can bring this in to the PRC – BSB 160.


Users are expected to use the links below and the Survey Monkey website to learn more on using this subscription.

1) Survey Monkey User Manual

2) Take a look at the Documentation:

Best Practices for Survey Design (PDF)
Tips for Improving Response Rates (PDF)
Accessible Survey Guide (PDF)
Federal VPAT (PDF)

3)For “Getting Started”, Tutorials, FAQs, Videos & Answers to help you create and  have more success with your surveys,  visit:

Survey Monkey Help Center

4) Creating Surveys

How to create a survey
Advanced Skip Logic Design Options
Available question types and formatting options 

5) Collecting Responses

How to distribute your survey through collectors
Posting your survey form on your website
Collecting secure data and privacy best practices

6) Analyzing Results

How to analyze survey responses
How to open your exports

7) Advanced Topics

Email Message Formatting Tips
Section 508 Compliancy

8) “How Many People Do I Need to Take My Survey?” – Ever wonder exactly how many people you need to answer your survey?

9) New features included our latest Gold subscription:

  • NEW Random assignment
  • NEW Question & answer piping
  • NEW Question randomization
  • NEW Text Analysis
  • NEW SPSS integration