Style of Learning and Thinking – Elementary & Youth (SOLAT)

Title: Style of Learning and Thinking – Elementary & Youth (SOLAT)
Author: Torrence, P.E.
Year: 1988
The Style of Learning and Thinking (SOLAT) is an inventory for determining a student’s brain hemisphere preference (left, right, or integrative) and associated learning style in problem solving. Its purpose, although not stated, is probably to help educators assist students in identifying their brain hemisphere/learning style profile and in planning solutions for strengthening their profile.

There are two SOLAT forms: the Elementary Form intended for first through fifth grade students, and the Youth Form intended for students in grades 6 through 12. Both forms can be administered in classroom-size groups, although it is suggested that first graders be tested in smaller groups. The Elementary Form contains 25 items and the Youth Form contains 28 items. In both forms, items present a pair of statements and the student is directed to place a check mark next to one of them, both of them, or neither of them based on how the statements “fit” the responder.

Age Range: Children
Administration: Group
Inventory: 1 Elementary Kit & 1 Youth Kit

  • 2 Administrator Manuals @ $20
  • 35 Elementary Forms @ $1/ea
  • 35 Youth Forms @ $1/ea
Location: 1) BSB 160

2) Extra forms in BSB 158A

Publisher: Scholastic Testing Service, Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Aptitude
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