SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology via PARiConnect

Title: SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology via PARiConnect – SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology
Notes: 1) SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology

2) SPECTRA i Report @ $ 4.50 / each iReport via PARiConnect

2) N.B.: SCORING for SPECTRA via PARiConnect is possible by hand-scoring or using PARiConnect ONLINE ADMINSTERING SCORING AND REPORTING service @ $ 4.50 / each. Speak to PRC Staff for details (Staff refer to “TEST SCORING AND ADMINISTRATION.xls”  file for Passwords, Usernames, other details).

3) N.B. Users must already have their own unique PARiConnect account – speak to PRC staff to  be assigned as required (48 hours advisable – excluding weekends and holidays). No Charge for account.

Subjects: Personality – Non-projective
Version: SPECTRA iReports
Platform: PARiConnect
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