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Title Acronym Version Platform
ABAS-2 Scoring Assistant ABAS-2 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
ABAS-3 Scoring Assistant and Intervention Planner (Needs USB key to Run) ABAS-3 3 Laptop2
Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Comprehensive Form via PARiConnect PARiConnect
Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Screening Form via PARiConnect PARiConnect
Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) via PARiConnect PARiConnect
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) Scoring Software ASEBA Laptop1, Laptop2
Adolescent Psychopathology Scale Scoring Program (APS – SP) APS-SP 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
ADOS-2 Scoring CD (Needs USB key to Run) ADOS-2 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
Advanced Clinical Solutions for WAIS-IV and WMS-IV (ACS) Scoring Assistant ACS Laptop2
Anger Regulation and Expression Scale (ARES) Scoring Software (Needs USB key to Run) ARES Laptop1, Laptop2
ASEBA Brief Problem Monitor (BPM) BPM 1.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
Assessment Data Manager for ASEBA-SCICA 9.0 ADM for ASEBA-SCICA 9 Laptop1, Laptop2
BASC-3 Report BASC-3 BASC-3 - subscription Pearson Q-Global
Bayley-III Scoring Assistant 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
BDI-2 – Data Manager BDI-2 1.2 Laptop1, Laptop2
BDI-II Data Manager – v. 1.2 BDI-II v.1.2 Laptop1, Laptop2
Beck InterpreTrak – 1.0 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function – Adult Version Software Portfolio (BRIEF-A SP) BRIEF-A SP 1 Laptop2
BRIEF Software Portfolio – v. 3.0 BRIEF 3 Laptop2
Brown Attention-Deficit Disorders Scales: Scoring Assistant Brown ADD 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
Brown Executive Function/Attention Scales (Brown EF/A Scales) – Pearson Q-Global 1 Year Unlimited Online Scoring Subscription Pearson Q-Global
BVMT-R Software Portfolio BVMT-R / HVLT-R 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
California Verbal Learning Test, Third Edition (CVLT-3) 1-Year Unlimited Use Online Scoring Subscription – Core Report and Expanded Report Delis, D.C., Kramer, J.H., Kaplan, E., & Ober, B.A. 3 Pearson Q-Global
Category Test (Cat) (also known as: Halstead Category Test) – Software 7 Laptop1, Laptop2
CEFI Computer Scoring Software (Needs USB Key to Run) CEFI Laptop2
CELF-4 Scoring Assistant – SUPERSEDED CELF-4 Laptop1, Laptop2
CELF-5 Individual Score Reports CELF-5 Score Reports 5 Pearson Q-Global
Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (chAMP) via PARiConnect chAMP   PARiConnect
Children’s Depression Inventory – 2nd Edition (CDI-2) (Needs USB Key to Run) CDI-2 Laptop1, Laptop2
Computer-Assisted SCID-II (CAS II): CAS II Expert System (CAS II ES) and the SCID II Patient Questionnaire (SCID II PQ) Computer Programs CAS II & CAS II ES & SCID II PQ Windows Versions 2 Laptop1
Conners 3 and Conners CBRS Scoring Software (Needs USB Key to Run) Conners 3; Conners CBRS 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
Conners CPT-3 / Conners CATA Combo Kit (Needs USB Key to Run) Conners CPT-3 / Conners CATA 1 Laptop2
Conners EC Scoring Software (Needs USB Key to Run) Conners EC Laptop2
Conners Kiddie Continuous Performance Test, 2nd Edition (CONNERS K-CPT 2) K-CPT 2 2 Laptop2
Cross-Battery Assessment Software System (X-BASS) X-BASS 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
CVLT-II Adult Version Scoring Assistant CVLT-II SA 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
D-KEFS Scoring Assistant D-KEFS Laptop1, Laptop2
DAS Scoring Assistant – v.1.0 DAS 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF) Score Report D-REF Score Report Pearson Q-Global
Dominic Adolescent 2009 Laptop1, Laptop2
Dominic Interactive 2009 Laptop1, Laptop2
Early Childhood Observation System (ECHOS): Observing and Monitoring Standards-Based Learning Effectively: Professional Development Module Software ECHOS Other
EVT-2 Assist – SUPERSEDED EVT-2 1.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
EVT-3 – Forms A & B – Pearson Q-Global 1-Year Unlimited EVT-3 3 Pearson Q-Global
Facial Action Coding System FACS 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
HVLT-R Software Portfolio HVLT-R Laptop1, Laptop2
K-ABC-II Assist K-ABC-II 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
KeyMath 3 Essential Resources: Canadian Edition (KeyMath-3 ER CDN) KeyMath-3 ER CDN Canadian Edition, Level I (L-I) & Level II (L-II) Laptop2
KeyMath 3: Canadian Edition: ASSIST Scoring and Reporting System 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
KTEA-3 (Needs USB Key to Run) KTEA-3 Laptop1, Laptop2
MASC-2 (Needs USB Key to Run) MASC-2 2 Laptop2
MMPI®-2 Adult Interpretive System Version 4 MMPI-2 AIS V4 4 Laptop1, Laptop2
NEO Software System for Windows: NEO PI-3, NEO PI-R, NEO FFI-3 NEO PI-3; NEO PI-R; NEO FFI-3 Version 3 Laptop1, Laptop2
NEPSY-II Scoring Assistant & Training Planner NEPSY-II v.1.0 Laptop1, Laptop2
Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) Memory Module Scoring Program NAB 2.2 Laptop2
PAI Software Portfolio PAI Laptop1, Laptop2
PARiConnect Laptop1
Pearson Q-Global Pearson Q-Global
PPVT-4 Assist – SUPERSEDED PPVT-4 1.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
PPVT-5 Form A & B– Pearson Q-Global 1-Year Unlimited – Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT-5) – Forms A & B Pearson Q-Global
Psychological Report Writing Assistant 1st Laptop2
Raven’s Progressive Matrices 2, Clinical Edition (Raven’s 2) Pearson Q-Global
Rorschach Interpretation Assistance Program (RIAP5) RIAP5 5.50.157 Laptop1, Laptop2
SB5 Scoring Pro – v. 1.2 SB5 v.1.2 Laptop1, Laptop2
SF-36v2 Health Survey 2 Laptop2
Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales Scoring Program SEARS-SP v.1.0 Laptop1, Laptop2
SPECTRA: Indices of Psychopathology via PARiConnect SPECTRA SPECTRA iReports PARiConnect
SSIS Social-Emotional Learning Edition Scoring Assitance SSIS SEL Pearson Q-Global
Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID) SCID
Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV-TR Axis I Disorders – Research Version (SCID-1) SCID - 1 1 Laptop2
TEA-Ch2 Scoring Software TEA-Ch2 2nd Edition Laptop2
Vineland- 3 – Pearson Q-Global 1-Year Unlimited Use Online Scoring Subscription Vineland-3 Vineland-3 Pearson Q-Global Annual Subscription Pearson Q-Global
Vineland-II Assist Scoring and Reporting System – v. 1.1 – SUPERSEDED v.1.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
WAIS – IV Report Writer 1.0.3 Laptop1, Laptop2
WAIS-III – WMS-III – WIAT-II Writer Laptop1, Laptop2
WAIS-IV Scoring Assistant WAIS-IV Laptop1, Laptop2
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition, Integrated (WISC-V Integrated) – Pearson Q-Global Score Reports & Subscription Pearson Q-Global
WFAS Manual WFAS Laptop1, Laptop2
WIAT-III Scoring Assistant & WIAT-III Canadian Score Reports WIAT-III 1 Laptop1, Laptop2, Pearson Q-Global
WISC-IV Canadian Writer WISC-IV Laptop2
WISC-V Canadian Score Reports WISC-V CDN Q-Global Score Reports WISC-V Pearson Q-Global
WJ-III Compuscore and Profiles Program WJ III Compuscore and Profiles Program 3.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
WJ-NU-III Compuscore and Profiles Program – v. 3.1 WJ-NU-III v.3.1 Laptop1, Laptop2
WMS – IV Scoring Assistant – Upgrade to Report Writer 2 Laptop1, Laptop2
WMS-IV Scoring Assistant – v. 2.0 WMS-IV v.2.0 Laptop1, Laptop2
WNV Scoring Assistant WNV Laptop1, Laptop2
Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP) Report Writer Program WIIIP Laptop1, Laptop2
WPPSI-III Writer (SUPERSEDED) WPPSI-III 1 Laptop1, Laptop2
WPPSI-IV Canadian Score Reports WPPSI-IV CDN Score Reports IV Pearson Q-Global
WRAML-2 Scoring Program v.2.0 WRAML-2 v.2.0 Laptop1, Laptop2
WRAT-4 Scoring Program v.2.0 WRAT-4 v.2.0 Laptop1, Laptop2
WRAT5 Score Reports WRAT5 5th Edition Pearson Q-Global
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