Safety & Security at the Psychology Resource Centre

Please note: The doors to the BSB Building and the Hebb Lab should not be propped open. Security asks for ID and unauthorized users will have to leave and a report will be filed.

Authorized Users: You can help keep your work environment safe and secure by not providing unauthorized access to the computer lab or to the building. Door access to the Behavioural Sciences Building, Hebb Computer Labs is available to authorized and legitimate students, staff and faculty with a valid YUCard. You are responsible for your card and its use. Do not lend or share your access card or your computer account.

If you are working in the Lab outside peak hours, you can inform security at ext. 58000 or 52289 or 736-5333
Security will then make a stop in the Lab as part of their rounds to check on you.

Information regarding the new student escort service can be found here

For further information regarding security resources that students can access please click here

For further information on York University security services please see there website here 

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