Rules of the House

1) Non-academic use of lab computers is prohibited by York’s Computing Policy. Official policy is contained in the ‘Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities’ – the policy is posted on entry to the lab, in the Lab information sheets at each computer. Every student must agree to abide by this policy before obtaining their computer account. The policy states that the Guidelines shall be posted on each door into the labs and/or broadcast at the point of access to the system. By entering the lab and/or signing onto the system, the user agrees to abide by these Guidelines. See:

2) Our Lab guidelines further state that: “Anyone using the Psychology Labfacilities for non-academic purposes or intentionally disrupting the work of others will have their accounts locked and the privilege to use these systems revoked.”

3) Food and drinks are allowed in the Lab as per posted signs. Please dispose of your trash in the garbage bins provided. Your prompt co-operation is expected and appreciated.

4) For your protection lab access and accounts of lab users are monitored 24 hours / 7 days a week. This is done to maintain the security of accounts and to monitor the integrity of your and our computing facilities.

5) Access to computing and information technology facilities is a privilege. Users who contravene the relevant policies and laws may be subject to immediate withdrawal of the privilege and/or disciplinary procedures. Illegal acts involving computing and information technology facilities may also be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal action.

6) Mis-use of the YUCard system may make a user(s) subject to withdrawal of privileges and/or disciplinary procedures. See:

7) You have the right to ask someone using the computers for non-academic use to give up the computer to you for legitimate academic use.

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