Risk Inventory and Strength Evaluation (RISE)

Title: Risk Inventory and Strength Evaluation (RISE)
Author: Goldstein, S. & Herzberg D.S,
Year: 2018
Description: The RIsk Inventory and Strength Evaluation (RISE) is a new rating scale that provides a comprehensive set of rating forms for assesing risky behaviour and psychological strengths in individuals ages 9 through 25 years. RISE Parent, Teacher and Self forms allow evaluation of behaviour acrosss home, school and community settings, and from the previous perspective of both informant (for individuals aged 9 to 18 years) and self (individuals ages 12 to 25). RISE provides norm-referenced T-scores for examining the broad constructs of risk and strength, as well as subscale scores and Critical Item set for focusing on dangerous behaviours. The psychological strengths represent important components of resilence – the quality that enables young people to cope effectively with stressors and challenges of daily life. Cut-off scores identify high risk status, promoting clinicans to focus on critical items where safety is a concern. The RISE Index score compares the individual’s strengths and risk factors, which helps develop a well-informed intervention plan.Areas covered in the three broad measures: Risk Summary (RSK) Scale; Strength Summary (STR) Scale; RISE Index.

The RISE is easy to administer, hand score and interpret.

Age Range: Ages 9 to 25 years old
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit:

  • 1 Manual @ $150.00
  • 25 Parent Autoscore Forms @ $5.00/ea
  • 25 Teacher Autoscore Forms @ $5.00/ea
  • 25 Self-Report Autoscore Forms @ $5.00/ea
Publisher: WPS
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Personality, Attitude, Emotional Intelligence
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