Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT)

Title: Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT)
Author: Reynolds, C. R.
Year: 2014
Description: The Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT) is a rapid intelligence test designed for group or individual administration and standardized for use with examinees ages 10 to 75 years. It is composed of seven subtests that assess crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence, and quantitative aptitude or intelligence – [Crystallized Intelligence Index (CII), a Fluid Intelligence Index (FII), a Quantitative Intelligence Index (QII), a Total Intelligence Index (TII), and a Total Battery Intelligence Index (TBII)]. The full battery requires 50 minutes testing time. Examiners can choose to administer less that the seven subtests – e.g. 30 minutes for crystallized and fluid subtests only. Can be used to help you determine a child’s educational placement and diagnose various forms of childhood psychopathology; as a measure of intelligence in general clinical and neuropsychological evaluations; as part of evaluations for the diagnosis of specific disorders; in disability determinations under various state and federal programs; and as a measure of aptitude in human resources/employment settings. Requires minimal reading skill and almost no motor coordination and visual-motor skill, reducing the complications that can occur when manipulated objects (e.g., blocks) are used to assess intelligence.
Age Range: Ages 10 to 75 Years Old
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 Professional Manual &  1 Fast Guide @ $ 115.00 (set)
  • 10 Re-usable Item Booklets @ $ 9.00
  • 25 Answer Sheets @ $ 1.25
  • 25 Score Summary Forms @ $ 2.25
  • 1 Set of 2 Scoring Keys @ $ 12.00
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. – PAR Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Intelligence
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