Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)

Title: Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)
Author: Schmidt, M.
Year: 1996
Description: The Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test: A Handbook (RAVLT) is a handbook for a brief test of verbal learning utilizing a fixed order word list. The original list was created in French (Rey, 1941, 1958). The product is not a test. It is a handbook that contains results of various clinical studies as well as standard administration scoring procedures. Alternate test forms and supplementary scores and indexes are provided as well. Many reviews of studies involving the RAVLT were compiled and metanorms were developed. Information regarding which word list and procedure to use are provided within the handbook. The handbook is quite extensive and helpful in assisting the evaluator in determining which format to use with a particular individual or population.

The actual test comprises a 15-item list of words that is presented five times in the same order. Recall of the words in any order is counted after each trial. A delayed Recall task is given after a short interval of time (10-30 minutes). There is also a Recognition task. The one- or two-syllable words on the list are controlled for phonemic and semantic associations. The words are of high imagery. The Recognition reading list is reported to be on a third-grade level.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 Handbook @ $85.00
  • 25 Record Sheet and Score Summaries @ $1.50/each
  • 1 “A Primer of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test”
  • 1 RAVLT Word list (A1, A2,A3,A4,A5,ListB1, List A6, List A7) sample sheet
  • 1 RAVLT Word List for Forms A & B sample sheet
Publisher: Western Psychological Services
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Neuropsychological, English and Language
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