Reservations / YUPC Assessment Loans

Reservations & YUPC Reservations / Assessment Loans

YORK PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY, GRADUATE STUDENTS, and AFFILIATES of the YUPC are asked to use this form to reserve tests, protocols and any other materials for assessments. 

Please note that we only facilitate York University staff, students and faculty members. We apologize for the inconvenience.

YUPC Assessments: For all assessments conducted via the YUPC, you must check with them FIRST ( Joanne Halpert at for test and protocol availability.

Consult the YUPC Test Library and double check with Joanne for the latest acquisitions. Then, as necessary, see if held by the PRC.

YUPC users are advised to refer to the YUPC Borrower’s Checklist page.

  • Please allow 1 week  advance notice to afford sufficient time for PRC staff to prepare/follow-up on request(s).
  • Reservation requests submitted after 5PM FRIDAY & over the weekend will not be processed until the next business day (typically Monday morning) in the order received.
  • request does not not guarantee the reservation as there are consistent requests by multiple people for the same kit
  • Borrowing priority is:
    1) Assessments
    2) Presentations
    3) Marking
    4) Practice
    5) Other
  • Standard loan period is 48 hours but may be subject to recall based on the priorities above.
  • The PRC is not open and e-mail is not checked on the weekends or holidays.
  • Please be sure to complete the Test Kit Checklist provided before leaving the PRC to alert PRC staff to missing or damaged parts.Refer to  PRC Borrowers Code regarding rules and regulations

Please note inquiries from York Psychology undergraduates must have permission from their course director if they wish to make a reservation. For more information please email us (


Note: if you require Pearson Q-Global this SHOULD be your york email
Check with the YUPC **FIRST** for test and protocol availability
What test do you need. *Note - There may be a per use cost.
What test do you need. *Note - There may be a per use cost.
If you need other resources such as laptop, books, test manuals, etc. List them here
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