Mental Health Resources

Emergency & Crisis Phone Numbers 

  • Distress Centers: (416) 598-1211
  • The Gerstein Center: (416) 929-5206
  • Toronto East General Hospital:
    Crisis Intervention phone: (416) 469-6204
  • Humber River Regional Hospital:
    Crisis phone: (416) 747-3833
    After-hours phone: (416) 747-3824

Therapy, Counseling & Psychologists

  • The College of Psychologists of Ontario
    Phone: (416) 961-8817
  • Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH):
    General Phone: (416) 535-8501
    Mood Disorders Clinic (MDC): Ext. 6868
    Anxiety Disorders Clinic (ADC): Ext. 6819
    Interpersonal Therapy Clinic: Ext. 6868
    Women’s Mental Health Program: Ext. 4269 – the website to this program can be found here


  • North York General Hospital
    Phone: (416) 756-6660
    There website can be accessed here
  • Trillium Health Centre
    This organization provides outpatient assessment, consultation and short-term treatment for adults 18+
    Phone: (416) 521-4006
    Their website can be accessed here 
  • Alive! Canada
    This organization provides self-help/support groups regarding suicide awareness and prevention for people 16+ and older
    Crisis phone: (519) 973-4435
  • York University Counseling & Disability Services:
    Phone: (416) 736-5297
    Their website can be accessed here
  • National Eating Disorders Center (NEDIC)
    Phone: (416) 340-4156


Mental Health Services for Women

  • Toronto Rape Crisis Center
    Phone: (416) 597-1171
  • Women’s Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Care Center
    Phone: (416) 323-6040
    Their website can be accessed here
  • Women’s Counselling Referral & Education Centre (WCREC)
    The services they provide are are conducted mainly through the phone, but drop-in/appointments are welcome
    Phone-line Service: (416) 534-7501
    Their website can be accessed here 
  • Women’s College Hospital Mental Health Department
    Phone: (416) 323-6010
    There website can be accessed here
  • Keele Street Women’s Group
    Phone: (416) 789-7957 Ext. 282
    Their website can be accessed here 

Family Resources

  • Family Services Toronto
    Inquiries/Appointments/Workshop Registration: (416) 595-9618 Email:
  • Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere 
    Main Toronto Office Phone: (416) 207-5032
    Their website can be accessed here 
  • Family Outreach & Response Program 
    General Phone: (416) 535-8501
    Their website can be accessed here 

International Student Referrals

  • The College of Psychologists Ontario
    Phone: (416) 961-8817
  • University Health Insurance Plan
    General Phone: (416) 978-0290
    Their website can be accessed here 

Professional Resources for Trauma Therapy 

  • Sherbourne Health Centre
    There is no referral is required for access to services. Services of the Sherbourne Health Centre are geared toward the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transsexual, Two-Spirit, Intersex and Queer (LGBTQ+) community.
    They also provide counseling services for anxiety, depression, and substance abuse are free of charge.
    Phone: (416) 324-4180
  • Central Toronto Youth Services
    There is no referral that is required in order to participate in their services. This organization offers counseling and other programs/services to youth 19-25 years of age at no cost.
    Phone: (416) 924-2100
    Email:  or
    Their website can be accessed here
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    This organization provides information and referral services to connect clients with local mental health services and providers and other valuable mental health resources.
    Phone: (416) 789-7957

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