Raven’s Progressive Matrices 2, Clinical Edition (Raven’s 2)

Title: Raven’s Progressive Matrices 2, Clinical Edition (Raven’s 2)
Author: Raven, J. C.
Year: 2018
Description: The Raven’s Progressive Matrices 2, Clinical Edition is a nonverbal assessment of general cognitive ability. Specifically, Raven defines the trait that progressive matrices measures as educative ability, which is one of the key components of general intelligence or g, defined by Spearman. Educative ability involves the ability to think clearly and solve complex problems.

The Raven’s 2 was developed as an integrated revision of the series of the Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM). The RPM have been used in educational, clinical and occupational practice, as well as in academic research as a non-verbal only minimal verbal instruction and no spoken or written responses. These features minimize the impact that language skills and cultural backgrounds may have on test performance. The test can be used in a variety of settings, with culturally diverse populations, and/or with nonverbal children beginning with age four and with adults up to age 90. This test differentiates between people at the high end of intellectual ability with more difficult items and also offers a set of items applicable at any ability level including the low end of intellectual ability.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit:

  • 1 Manual @ $205.00
  • 1 Scoring Template (in envelope) @ $90.00
  • 25+ Answer sheets @ $6.00
  • 1 Test booklet @ $145.00
  • Raven’s 2 Pearson One-year unlimited Q-global scoring subscription
Publisher: Pearson 
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Intelligence, Aptitude, Clinical Assessment
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