Rating Scale of Impairment (RSI) kit

Title: Rating Scale of Impairment (RSI) kit
Author: Goldstein, S & Naglieri, J.A
Year: 2016
Description: The Rating Scale of Impairment (RSI) is a measure of the impact of psychological, or cognitive disorder that can used with symptom based diagnostic tools when forming diagnoses. The RSI was designed to measure functional limitations across a range of life areas for any child or youth aged 5 through 18 years. The RSI can be completed by a parent or a teacher, and it yields scales that measure levels of impairment in the following areas: School or Work, Social, Mobility, Domestic, Family, and Self-Care. This rating scale has been developed to have strong psychometric qualities and provide clinically meaningful information to aid treatment planning. When used in combination with symptom measures, the RSI adds impairment information that can help complete the diagnostic picture. It also helps to highlight where functional impairment is most prominent so that interventions can be more effectively targeted. When used in group settings, the RSI can help identify those who require additional assessment or measure the effectiveness of intervention programs.
Age Range: Children
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit:

  • 1 RSI Manual @ $150.00
  • 25+ RSI (5-12 Years) Parent Forms @ 5.50
  • 25+ RSI (5-12 Years) Teacher Forms @ $5.50
  • 25+ RSI (13-18 Years) Parent Forms @ $5.50
  • 25+ RSI (13-18 Years) Teacher Forms @ $5.50
Publisher: MHS
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Clinical Assessment, Neuropsychological
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