Qualtrics Guidelines and Procedures

Qualtrics is to be used within the conditions of the license agreement and all relevant university policies, procedures, and guidelines must be followed. Qualtrics is ***only*** available to full-time York Psychology faculty.


1. Use of Qualtrics is subject to York University / Faculty of Health / Department of Psychology policies. Users must comply with all applicable university policies including :

2. Faculty are responsible for oversight of acceptable and responsible use of Qualtrics amongst their labs/graduate students in accordance with university policies.

3. Qualtrics archives and retains surveys instruments and survey responses indefinitely. However, users are responsible for archiving their data to other media such as a local hard drive prior to expiration of their Qualtrics accounts. York University / Faculty of Health/ Department of Psychology is not responsible for archiving data.

4. York University / Faculty of Health/ Psychology reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the York University / Faculty of Health/ Department of Psychology Qualtrics offering and these guidelines and procedures.


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