Qualtrics FAQ

Qualtrics FAQ

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available to support research, teaching, and administration. Qualtrics allows users to create survey instruments, administer surveys, store data, and conduct analysis. Qualtrics’ website provides survey development tools, e-mail delivery capabilities, online analysis tools, online survey libraries, tutorials, and help facilities.

What can Qualtrics do?

The primary features of Qualtrics include a custom survey design wizard; survey distribution options; results export to Excel, PDF, SPSS, Power Point; and anonymous surveys. Qualtrics supports survey-based experiments and features a block and question randomizer tool for experimental trials.

How do I access Qualtrics or get an account?

Please refer to Accessing Qualtrics & Accounts

I already have or had a Qualtrics account. What should I do now to access Qualtrics via the department’s license?

If you already have an individual account with Qualtrics DO NOT follow the link provided – please let Mary Maleki know that you have an individual account, what email address is associated with that account and we will follow up with information on how to proceed.

I am a student, contract faculty, non-psychology faculty, can I set-up an account?

Only full-time psychology faculty can create an account at this point. If you wish to grant access to graduate students you can do so under your own account, with the understanding that you remain accountable for the usage under your account.

What are the compliance policies for Qualtrics users?

Use of Qualtrics is subject to all relevant York University policies, procedures, and guidelines. Please refer in particular, to the Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities for more information.

University E-mail must be used in accordance with the Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Electronic Mail (E-mail) 

What training and support can I access to use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics has many resources to help get you started. Users can go to the Qualtrics site for in-depth tutorials. These training sessions are one hour or less and cover everything you need to know in order to start building, distributing and analyzing your surveys. More links can be found here.

Now that the department has a Qualtrics license, will I still be able to use the department’s SurveyMonkey account?

The Graduate /Faculty  SurveyMonkey subscription expired October 31, 2017.  The Undergraduate SurveyMonkey subscription will expire October 31, 2018.

It is your responsibility to ***transfer/back up all files/ data*** for your survey(s) from the SurveyMonkey site for future use.

I have several surveys in my SurveyMonkey account. Is there a way to migrate my surveys from SurveyMonkey to Qualtrics?

Typically, users will need to re-create their SurveyMonkey surveys manually within the Qualtrics system. However, once those surveys are re-built, users can upload an Excel file of survey data into the Qualtrics system so that their data can be associated with the survey.

What if I have questions about Qualtrics?

If you have questions about how to use Qualtrics, you may contact Qualtrics support via phone at 800-340-9194 or by email at support@qualtrics.com. Phone or e-mail assistance from Qualtrics is available during their normal business hours, 7:00am – 7:00pm Mountain Time on weekdays (Monday – Friday), except holidays. Limited e-mail support is available after hours and weekends. Alternatively, you may find helpful Qualtrics’ own set of FAQs.

Qualtrics Server Locations – All of York University, Faculty of Health’s information held in Qualtrics is in our data center in Canada. (As per A. Morgani  January 30, 2017).

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