Quality of Life Questionnaire – Revised (QOL.Q – R)

Title: Quality of Life Questionnaire – Revised (QOL.Q – R)
Author: Shalock, R.L., & Keith, K.D.
Year: 2004
Description: The Quality of Life Questionnaire – Revised (QOL.Q – R) is a 40-item rating scale designed to measure the overall quality of life of a person with mental retardation. For individuals with sufficient language skills, the instrument is administered in an interview format. For people who lack the necessary language skills, the instrument is completed by two raters who know the individual well and who are familiar with the individual’s current activities and living environment. The instrument is based on a four component model. Separate scales assess overall Satisfaction, Competence/Productivity, Empowerment/Independence, and Social Belonging/Community Integration. The results of the QOL.Q may be used for any of a variety of purposes. This instrument is well suited for person-centered planning, quality-oriented service provision, and feedback to habilitation personnel. The results can provide standardized consumer outcomes measures for consumer empowerment, perceived independence, social belonging, community integration, and consumer satisfaction. The QOL.Q may be used as part of an evaluation of a service program or agency. The QOL.Q may be used as a criterion or dependent measure in research studies.
Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual
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Publisher: IDS Publishing Corp.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Attitude
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