Locating Test Publishers

  • For all test kits the publisher is noted on the corresponding PRC web page and it is also included inside the test kit folder.

Check with each Publisher to see if you are eligible for educational, research or training discounts (up to 50% can be offered to you)

Publishers’ Catalogs

All of the major test publishers have catalogs listing their own products.

These catalogs are frequently the best source of information for the most recent editions of a test.

Information on the cost of materials and scoring, types of scoring services and ancillary materials are available through the catalogs.

The catalogs also typically include information on test user qualifications, discounts, terms of use, etc.

Please contact the test publisher in order to request a catalog(s).

Additional Websites


The Association of Test Publishers is an American non-profit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services that are related to education, employment, certification/licensing or clinical applications.

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