Psychological Processing Checklist – Revised (PPC-R)

Title: Psychological Processing Checklist – Revised (PPC-R)
Author: Swerdlik, M.E., Swerdlik, P., Kahn, J.H., & Thomas, T.
Year: 2008
The Psychological Processing Checklist–Revised (PPC–R) asks teachers to rate observable and measurable characteristics and behaviors of the child in the classroom to measure psychological processing difficulties of children in kindergarten through grade five. The PPC-R provides the assessor with information that assists in the assessment of the categories or processing necessary to differentiate learning disabilities from underachievement and other disabling conditions. In addition, the PPC-R assists in understanding the student’s learning difficulties and provides useful information for developing effective interventions to facilitate learning

The PPC–R items are grouped, for scoring and interpretive purposes, into six areas:

1. Auditory Processing
2. Social Perception
3. Visual Processing
4. Organization
5. Visual-Motor Processing
6. Attention

The PPC–R Quikscore paper-and-pencil format is designed for easy recording, scoring and profiling of responses. No scoring templates are necessary; the entire scoring process typically takes less than 15 minutes. The PPC–R yields seven raw scores including a Total Score, and converts raw scores into T-scores and corresponding percentile ranks. The results are easy to interpret by comparing a particular student’s ratings to student population norms.

For children age 5-10 years.
Age Range: Children
Administration: Individual and Group
  • 1 Technical Manual @ $80
  • 25 QuikScore Forms @ $2.25/ea
Location: 1) BSB 160

2) Extra forms in BSB 158A

Publisher: MHS – Multi-Health Systems Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Observation, Clinical Assessment, Neuropsychological
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