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  • 25 cents a page – Cash only – please have small bills or change
  • Only approved Resource Centre material may be copied.


  • The photocopying of a copyrighted work such as a test, book, journal, or any substantial part of the work, without the permission of the copyright owner constitutes infringement of copyright. Details about copyright and the University are available in all libraries, photocopier locations and see “Copyright and You” site and here.
  • The test publishers hold the copyright to commercial tests, and they set policies which determine whether a user is qualified to use, administer, and interpret the test, based on the user’s level of training and education.
  • The PRC adheres to the publishers’ guidelines and policies on test use.
  • Copying of manuals, protocols, and other parts of commercial tests is not permitted on the Resource Centre copier
  • The “License Terms of Use” links in individual catalogue records for journals outline permissions granted by the publishers/vendors. For example, licensing permissions for any journals from PsycArticles (e.g., the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”) are outlined at


  • The Resource Centre has a limited number of computers for the use of clients to access our website.You can also use your laptop in the Centre to access AirYork – York’s wireless network access is available in BSB. Click here for more information.
  • EDUROAM – allows York University community members who are visiting other participating institutions to access the wireless internet service using their York credentials.…

Laptops & Wireless

  • The Resource Centre now has 2 laptops available for short term loan to eligible current graduate students, departmental faculty members, and the YUPC.
  • The laptops are heavily circulated and eligible users can Reserve for a specific date(s) and time(s).
  • Psychological testing and scoring software is installed on the laptop as well as a standard suite of applications (MS Office; SPSS; Adobe Acrobat Professional, etc.)
  • Individual publishers and vendors determine the format (e.g. MSWord, .pdf, etc.) for reports and output.  As the laptop is not attached to a specific printer, please familiarize yourself with the features of the application(s) you will be using. You may want to have a memory / USB key available to save your work to.
  • Tips on using wireless printing are also provided on each laptop.
  • Users are responsible for deleting all reports, files, client identifiers etc. before returning the laptop to the PRC. In addition the laptop is “DeepFrozen”, all files saved locally will be deleted upon logout.


  • Each publisher / vendor may have their own unique interface and these can change with upgrades and new versions of the software and / or administrative software.

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