Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale (PDS)

Title: Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale (PDS)
Author: Foa, E. B.
Year: 1995
Description: The Posttraumatic Stress Diagnostic Scale (PDS) assessment is designed to aid in the detection and diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The PDS assessment parallels DSM-IV® diagnostic criteria for a PTSD diagnosis and may be administered repeatedly over time to help monitor changes in symptoms. It is a brief assessment that helps identify the presence and symptom severity of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The test helps identify the source of a client’s pain early on, helping to make treatment planning more effective.


  • PTSD Diagnosis (A diagnosis is confirmed if all six DSM-IV criteria are met.)
  • Symptom Severity Score
  • Symptom Severity Rating
  • Level of Impairment of Functioning

Reading Level: 8th grade
Administration: Paper-and-pencil
Completion Time: 15 minutes (49 items)

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Clinical Assessment
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