Pearson Q-Global

Title: Pearson Q-Global
Notes: Please note that you must create an account in order to use Pearson Q-Global products.

Please complete the applicable section of the on-line Reservation form to request an account
or you can speak to the PRC staff in person or via email –

Please allow sufficient time for first time account set-up (48 hours advisable) – not including weekends or holidays.

YUPC Users: please speak to Joanne Halpert at the YUPC for Pearson Q-Global score reports for all YUPC cases.

* YUPC supervised students should also check with their YUPC case supervisor to confirm their scoring/assessment preferences.


Please allow sufficient time for the PRC to help you set up your Q-Global account with Pearson.

For the initial Pearson Q-Global Account set-up please provide:

  • your full name
  • your York U email
  • a valid phone number
  • and your context (e.g York psychology graduate student, faculty member, YUPC adjunct etc.)

Once your personal details have been received and inputted; you will receive an email from PRC staff confirming the account registration details (including your username in order to login).

You will then receive an email from Pearson with a link to activate and set your own password for your Pearson Q-Global account.

You can now request and /or pay for the Assessments and /or a Score Reports you require.

Please note that Pearson Q-Global products that are on a Subscription platform and must be allocated to users in advance.

Users must email the PRC or YUPC in order to notify us to de-allocate the subscription once the scoring is completed. This will then make the subscription available to other users.

Please note: that a number of Pearson products now only provide web-based scoring using their online platform:

Platform: Pearson Q-Global
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