Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT-5) – Forms A & B

Title: Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Fifth Edition (PPVT-5) – Forms A & B
Author: Douglas M. Dunn
Year: 2018
Description: The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, 5th Edition (PPVT-5), is an individually administered, norm referenced instrument that assesses receptive vocabulary of children and adults ages 2 years, 6 months and older. This edition of the PPVT measures receptive vocabulary knowledge of various parts of speech (i.e., nouns, verbs, and attributes). The PPVT-5 is co-normed with the EVT-3 and administration of the two tests provides a broad view of an individual’s vocabulary knowledge. It is available in two parallel forms, designated as Form A and Form B that facilitate its use for progress monitoring. The sets are arranged in order of increasing difficulty. Each PPVT item consists of two parts: the stimulus word, and the array of four pictures. One picture depicts the stimulus word, and the other three are distractors.
Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 2 Complete Kits (Form A & Form B)

  • 1 Manual
    • Damaged reported: Form A, Manual (02/11/2022)
  • 1 Stimulus Book
  • 1 Record Form @$2.15/each
Location: Test Drawer 6 (Form A kit and Form B Kits)
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: English and Language
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