Additional York University Resources

  • Information regarding Mental Health and Wellness at York University can be found here
  • Additional Information regarding the Career Centre at York University can be found here
  • Information regarding the Graduate Psychology Student Association
  • Information regarding the Undergraduate Psychology Student Association
  • If you are an undergraduate and you wish to have some guidance and/or mentoring from graduate level students in psychology there is a club on campus that connects graduate psychology students with undergraduates in order to offer them direction.
    More information can be found here 
  • If you wish to have more information regarding the honours thesis psychology stream at York University please click here
  • Information regarding more psychology-based organizations can be acessed here
  • Additional mental health resources & supports can be accessed here 
  • Further information regarding York University’s scholarships and awards for psychology can be accessed here
  • Additional York University resources for students can be found here

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