NEO Personality Inventory 3 (NEO-PI-3)

Title: NEO Personality Inventory 3 (NEO-PI-3)
Author: Costa, P., & McCrae, R.
Year: 2010
Description: The NEO-PI-3 is a revision of the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO-PI-R), the standard questionnaire of the FFM. It is a concise measure of the five major domains of personality (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness) and the six facets that define each domain. Taken together, the five domain scales and the 30 facet scales facilitate a comprehensive and detailed assessment of general personality. Its age range has been extended downward, making it appropriate for use with adolescents as young as 12 years. The NEO-PI-3 retains the reliability and validity of the NEO-PI-R and features new normative data. Thirty-eight items from the NEO-PI-R have been revised or edited to lower the reading level and make the instrument more appropriate for younger examinees or adults with lower educational levels.

The Hand-Scorable Answer Sheet, usable with either Form S (for self-reports) or Form R (for observer reports), eliminates the need for separate scoring keys or templates. The NEO-PI-3 also can be scored and/or administered electrinically using the NEO Software System.

The NEO Problems in Living Checklist offers additional information about NEO Inventories results and aids clinicians in planning treatment and assessing progress. Spotlighting particular problems individuals may be facing depending on their test outcomes, it is excellent for providing information about client problems, setting gloals, and planning interventions.

The NEO Style Graph Booklet provides an innovative way to provide feedback to respondents based on their NEO profiles. Each graph shows clients how their particular FFM domain results interact with each other and form different areas of their personality. It is helpful in occupational and clinical settings.

The NEO Job Profiler helps make hiring decisions by weighing candidate’s traits against the qualities needed for success in a given position.

The new Manual incorporates information from NEO PI-R, the updated and revised NEO PI-3, and the updated and revised NEO-FFI-3, giving users one master guide for administration of any of the products of the NEO Inventories.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
  • NEO Professional manual @ $75
  • 10 Reusable Form S Item Booklets @ $5/ea (Typically loaned – not sold)
  • 10 Reusable Form R Item Booklets (5 male; 5 female) @ $5/ea (Typically loaned – not sold)
  • 25 Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets @ $2/ea
  • 25 Form S Adult Profile Forms @ $2/ea
  • 25 Form R Adult Profile Forms @ $2/ea
  • 25 Adult Combined-Gender Profile Forms (Form S/Form R) @ $2/ea
  • 25 Your NEO Summary Feedback Sheets @ $1.60/ea
  • 5 on-screen Administrations of NEO-PI-3 @ $8/ea
  • 5 on-screen Administrations of NEO-FFI-3 @ $8/ea
  • Unlimited Scoring report generation – software on the PRC laptop
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. – PAR Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Personality
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