Multidimensional State Boredom Scale (MSBS)

Title: Multidimensional State Boredom Scale (MSBS)
Author: Fahlman, S. A., Mercer-Lynn, K. B., Flora, D. B., & Eastwood, J. D.
Year: 2013

The Multidimensional State Boredom Scale (MSBS) source article describes its development and validation. A full-scale measure of state boredom. It was developed based on a theoretically and empirically grounded definition of boredom. A five-factor structure of the scale (Disengagement, High Arousal, Low Arousal, Inattention, and Time Perception) was supported by exploratory factor analyses and confirmatory factor analyses of two independent samples. Furthermore, all subscales were significantly related to a single, second-order factor. The MSBS factor structure was shown to be invariant across gender. MSBS scores were significantly correlated with measures of trait boredom, depression, anxiety, anger, inattention, impulsivity, neuroticism, life satisfaction, and purpose in life. Finally, MSBS scores distinguished between participants who were experimentally manipulated into a state of boredom and those who were not, above and beyond measures of trait boredom, negative affect, and depression.

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual and Group

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Fahlman, S. A., Mercer-Lynn, K. B., Flora, D. B., &  Eastwood, J. D. (2013). Development and validation of the Multidimensional State Boredom Scale. Assessment, 20(1), 68-85. doi:10.1177/1073191111421303


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Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Personality – Non-projective


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