Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (M-WCST)

Title: Modified Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (M-WCST)
Author: Schretlen, D.J. 
Year: 2010
Description: The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test is a modification of the original Wisconsin Card Sorting Test that was developed to assess problem solving and the ability to shift cognitive strategies in response to changing environmental contingencies. The WCST is considered a test of executive function because it requires the use of working memory, planning, attentional flexibility, and response inhibition to solve a novel problem. The M-WCST  eliminates all 80 cards of the original 128 response cards that share more than one attribute with a key card (e.g., each response card whose stimuli match a stimulus card in both color and form was eliminated). This results in a 48-card deck, which is used along with four stimulus cards. This and other modifications enable impaired and elderly adults to more easily understand the directions, reducing frustration. Age-, sex-, and education-based norms are provided in the manual.

Four scores are calculated for the M-WCST: Number of Categories Correct, Number of Perseverative Errors, Number of Total Errors, and Percent of Perseverative Errors. In addition, an Executive Function Composite score can be calculated. The M-WCST takes less time to administer than the WCST and can be scored in just 2-3 minutes. 18 – 90 years of age.

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual
  • M-WCST Professional Manual @ $100
  • 50 Record Forms @ $2/ea
  • 1 Card Deck (of 48 – card deck + 5 intro cards)  @ $75
Location: BSB filing cabinet
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. – PAR Inc.
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Observation, Aptitude
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