MMPI®-2 Adult Interpretive System Version 4

Title: MMPI®-2 Adult Interpretive System Version 4 – MMPI-2 Revised Edition
Test: MMPI-2 AIS V4
Notes: 1) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – 2nd Edition – Restructured Form

2) The MMPI-2 AIS V4 provides comprehensive interpretations for a client’s MMPI-2 and/or MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF®) results. Three interpretive reports are offered for the MMPI-2 (a Codetype Report, a Content-Based Report, and a Codetype/Content-Based Report), and one Content-Based Report is offered for the MMPI-2-RF. The MMPI-2 AIS V4 does not score the MMPI-2 or the MMPI-2-RF; rather, it offers interpretation based on scores that are manually input (or imported from Pearson score reports) into the program. For optimal customization, item-level interpretive text should be edited.

Version: 4
Platform: Laptop 2, Laptop 3
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