Millon Clincial Multiaxial Inventory – 4th Edition – (MCMI-IV)

Title: Millon Clincial Multiaxial Inventory – 4th Edition – (MCMI-IV)
Author: Millon, T., Millon, C., & Grossman, S.
Year: 2015
Description: The Millon Clincial Multiaxial Inventory-IV-(MCMI-IV) is a 195 item self-report instrument designed to help clinicians assess personality and psychopathology in adults age 18 years or older who are undergoing psychological or psychiatric assessment or treatment. The MCMI-IV revision includes a number of notable changes and additions: a new personality pattern scale, Turbulent (Scale 4B), has been added, based on Million’s latest theoretical conceptualization of personality disorders. The facet scales have bene updated and expanded, and play a more prominent role in the interpretation of a patient’s item responses. The items themselves reflect numerous changes and additions designed to improve interpretability of scale scores and provide clinicians with even more clinically useful and relevant information.

The MCMI-IV can be administered by audio recording to examinees who have difficulty reading or vision problems.

Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 MCMI-IV Manual @ $105.00
  • 25 MCMI-IV Test Booklets @ 2.00 each
  • 1 MCMI-IV Audio CD @ $100.00 – filed with multimedia in BSB 160G
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Personality, Clinical Assessment
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