Major Papers

Title Author Year
‘Group Mind’ fallacy: Volkerpsychologie and the nazis, The Brock, Adrian 1991, July
Accuracy of estimating time to collision for textured objects with mismatching rates of expansion of object size, of texture element size and of separation between texture elements Gray, Robert David 1997,Nov.
Analysis of the theories of human breast evolution, An Linton, Daniel Kenneth 1994,June
Anticipatory grief: A comparison with grief Gilliland, Glenda K. 1992, Jan.
Arousal, energetics, and the inverted-U hypothesis: multidimensional concepts of information processing and their reformulation of the unidimensional view of arousal Adams, Jeffrey 1993, Mar.
Attachment security in children with down syndrome Niccols, G. Alison 1994, Jan.
Attachment theory: research and clinical applications Portigal, Terryl 1992,Dec.
Autism: Attention, temperament and socioemotional development Landry, Joseph Reginald 1998,June
Automatic processing of location memory: A meta-analysis Makarec, Katherine 1994, Oct.
Autonomy and intimacy in adolescent friendships McNelles, Laurie R. 1998,Sept
Can psychotherapy treat cancer?: A review and analysis of psychological factors and cancer progression Edmonds, Claire V. I. 1992,June
Cerebral asymmetry in the interpretation of facial expression Eals, Marion 1993, Mar.
Child witnesses of family violence: A review of research and treatment Buset, Mila 1994, July
Classification on neurocognitive-neurolinguistic abilities and the social-emotional adjustment of learning disabled children: A critical analysis of the subtyping approach, The Vallance, Denise Dianne 1993, Sept.
Cognitive models of personality: An interactionist framework Vitelli, Romeo 1985,Aug.
Comorbidity of depression and conduct disorder in children and adolescents: A critical review Taras, Sherri Rogin 1993, Feb.
Comparative approach to vocal production: Human and nonhuman primates Goldman, Jill A. 1997, Oct.
Concept of ‘Proneness to Psychosis’ and its measurement Ralevski, Elizabeth 1998, July
Conceptual critique of the self concept: The correspondence problem, A Greer, Scott 1995,Nov.
Conceptualizations of justice and the role of revenge Stuckless, Noreen 1996,Aug.
Considerations for in-flight measurement of mental workload in next generation fighter aircraft Lindeis, Ann-Elise 1997, Feb.
Constructing the suspect: The physiomorphic effects of the lie detector Bunn, Geoffrey C. 1995, Mar.
Control theory perspective on addictive behavior change, a Souter, Susan J. 1997,Nov.
Cortical vs subcortical dementia Richards, Brian 1997, May
Critical look at division of labour research and theories Steinberg, Marla 1994,Dec.
Critical review of the physiological and psychological risks for breast cancer in lesbians, A Dionne, Michelle M. 1998 Sept
Day treatment of children: A review Kuksis, Myra Radzins 1991,Sept
Deficient use of contextual information as a factor in memory loss with age or it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks Yokubynas, Raymond J. 1983,Dec.
Demographic and personality characteristics of volunteers for research Pettit, F. Annie 1998, Oct.
Development of the preference for psychotherapy questionnaire Lung, Kathleen B. 1995,June
Development of word identification skills: A comparison of perceptual learning and perceptual analysis approaches, The Rinaldo, Richard 1992,June
Dissociated vertical deviation: A literature review and new experimental results Goltz, Herbert C. 1995,June
Effects of radiation therapy on temporal lobe functioning Trepanier, Lisa Laura 2000, Feb.
Emotion and therapeutic change Korman, Lorne M. 1996
Emotion regulation in children Weintraub, Janice R. 1995,Nov.
Environmental influences on language development: An analysis of the roles played by contingency, joint attention, and responsivity in infant lexical development Vitale, Grace 1997,Aug.
Evidence, support, and rationale for social skills training for the closed head injured Kastuk, Don 1997, Feb.
Evolutionary theory of incest avoidance, The Bevc, Irena 1998,Aug
Factors affecting suggestibility in child witnesses: Implications for conducting sexual abuse interviews with children Andres-Lemay, Joy 1998, Mar.
Family therapy for the head injured: A psychoeducational approach McKinnon, Elaine 1998, June
Family-child relationships during early adolescence McVey, Gail 1994, Aug.
Father’s role in the personality and social development of children, The McVeigh, Greg 1991,Sept
Functional communication in autistic individuals Burke, Lillian Joy 1992,Sept.
Functional heterogeneity of the prefrontal cortex Gold, Brian 1997, May
High school dropouts: The mediating role of the self-concept Lacasse, Martha 1994, Aug.
Human eye muscle structure and function Dengis, Carol A. 1996, May
Influence of subject variables on differences in friendship values and expectations, The Craven, Jean E. 1992, Feb.
Interpersonal context of depression: A critical examination of the role of family factors in adolescent unipolar depression, The Maharaj, Sherry I. 1994, Sept.
Intersection of race and gender: Examining the politics of identity in women’s studies, The Cameron, James E. 1996,June
Intimacy, autonomy, and the self-concept during adolescence Williams, Susan 1996, May
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