List of Software

System-wide Software

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional XI
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • DirectRT 2012 (Click Here for User’s Guide and Reference DirectRT v2012)
  • Google Chrome
  • Gpower 3.1.3
  • GSW GSEQ 5.1.11
  • IBM Amos 21 (Basics & Graphics)
  • IBM SPSS Statistics (WIN) 21 [includes SamplePower ]
  • Internet Explorer
  • Matlab 8.1
  • MediaLab 2012 (Click Here for User’s Guide and Reference MediaLab v2012)
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010(Word/Excel/Access/Powerpoint/Designer/Filler/One Note/Publisher/Tools)
  • FrontMotion Firefox 
  • Notepad ++ 5.9
  • NppTor
  • QuickTime Player 7.7
  • R 3.0.1
  • rawpar.sps and parallel.sps available in IE under Favourites ->”Programs for number of components”
  • Rawspar.sps & Parallel.sps
  • Refworks Write-N-Cite 2
  • RStudio
  • SAS 9.4
  • Sun Java JRE
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

Operating Systems: Windows 7

Limited Licensed Software

Adobe Premiere Elements 7 * – (on PC 27 – BSB 159D) — Movie creation and editing software. Firewire card installed on this pc. (Installation PENDING)

E-Prime (on PC 34 – BSB 162) – -“E-Prime 2 is a suite of applications to meet your research needs. From experiment generation and millisecond precision data collection through data handling and processing. E-Prime is the most powerful and flexible experiment generator available. The E-Prime suite of applications, combined with precise millisecond timing, a user-friendly environment and the flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is excellent for both advanced and novice users. The core system includes: E-Studio, E-Basic, E-Run, E-Merge, E-DataAid, and E-Recovery.” N.B. Ask staff in BSB 160 for the USB key (USB key in BSB 160G) needed to run your analysis.

Mplus 7 (on PCs 45 & 40 – BSB 162 & PC 01 – BSB 159) — Mplus is a statistical modeling program that provides researchers with a flexible tool to analyze their data. Mplus offers researchers a wide choice of models, estimators, and algorithms in a program that has an easy-to-use interface and graphical displays of data and analysis results. Mplus allows the analysis of both cross-sectional and longitudinal data, single-level and multilevel data and data that come from different populations with either observed or unobserved heterogeneity. Analyses can be carried out for observed variables that are continuous, censored, binary, ordered categorical (ordinal), unordered categorical (nominal), counts, or combinations of these variable types. Mplus also has special features for missing data, complex survey data, and multilevel data. In addition, Mplus has extensive capabilities for Monte Carlo simulation studies, where data can be generated and analyzed according to any of the models included in the program.

NVivo 10 (on PC 29 – BSB 159E & PCs 36, 38, 41 & 42 – BSB 162) — Nvivio 10 – If you need to handle very rich information, where deep levels of analysis on both small and large volumes of data are required, NVivo is your solution. It removes many of the manual tasks associated with analysis, like classifying, sorting and arranging information, so you have more time to explore trends, build and test theories and ultimately arrive at answers to questions.

GraphPad Prism 6 (on PCs 6, 28, 29, 26 – BSB 159 & PCs 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – BSB 162) — Prism – GraphPad Prism is a powerful combination of basic biostatistics, curve fitting and scientific graphing in one comprehensive program. More than 100,000 scientists in over 100 countries rely on Prism to analyze, graph and present their scientific data. What makes Prism the program of choice for many of the world’s leading universities, medical centers, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies? Prism certainly has all the capabilities you would expect from a top notch scientific graphics program, but what makes Prism truly unique is not what it does, but how it does it. Designed for the practical scientist, Prism does not expect you to be a statistician. It guides you through each analysis – giving you as much help as you need – and tracks and organizes your work like no other program available. You can concentrate on your data, not fight with your software.

MultiMedia Unit (PC 30)