Leiter International Performance Scale – SUPERSEDED

Title: Leiter International Performance Scale – SUPERSEDED
Author: Koch, C., Miller, L. J., Pomplum, M., & Roid, G. H.
Year: 1997
Description: Please note the current version is Leiter International Performance Scale – Third Edition.

The Leiter International Performance Scale (SUPERSEDED) is designed to assess cognitive function in children and adolescents. The battery includes a measure of nonverbal intelligence in fluid reasoning and visualization, as well as appraisals of visuospatial memory and attention.

Age Range:
Administration: Individual
  • Visualization and Reasoning (VR) Battery:
    • Manual
    • Easel Books 1 and 2
    • Box of VR Response Cards
    • VR Record Forms with Examiner’s Rating Scale (20 copies) @ $3.20/each
  • Attention and Memory (AM) Battery:
    • Easel Book 3
    • Box of AM Response Cards (including specially numbered playing cards for Attention Divided Subtest)
    • AM Record Forms with Examiner’s Rating Scale (20 copies) @ $3.20/each
    • Response Booklets for the Attention Sustained subtest (Ages 2-3 – Booklet A, Ages 4-5 – Booklet B, Ages 6-20 – Booklet C) (20 copies of each booklet: 60 copies) @ $1.80/each
    • Scoring Keys for Attention Sustained (AS) subtest – set of 12 (2 copies: 1 original, 1 copy)
    • Colored picture plates (used with the cardboard frame mounted in Easel Book 3) for the Attention Divided (AD) subtest (Plates AD1, AD2, and AD3) (2 copies: 1 original, 1 copy)
    • Response Grids for the Spatial Memory (SM) subtest (SM Grids 1-5) (2 copies: 1 original, 1 copy)
  • Materials used with Both Batteries:
    • Manipulative Response Shapes: 21 Red Shapes, 24 Blue Shapes, and 18 Yellow Shapes
    • Timer/Stopwatch (please ask for it at the centre)
    • Social-Emotional Rating Scales (Parent, Self, and Teacher) (20 copies each: 60 copies) @ $1.20/each
    • Growth Score Profile Sheets (20 copies) @ $3.20/each
  • Leiter-R Computer Scoring Software – (See NOTES)
Location: Test Kit – BSB 158A
Notes: 1) Software installed on laptop 1, please see PRC staff for assistance – Leiter-R Computer Scoring System

2) Supplemental coverage of test can be found in the text: Assessment of Children Cognitive Applications, 4th Ed., p.559.

3) Sattler, J. (2008). Assessment of children: cognitive foundations (5th ed.). California: Jerome M. Sattler, Publisher, Inc. (BF 432 C38 S28 2008)

4) Naglieri, J. A., Goldstein S. (2009). Assessing Intelligence and Achievement. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (BF 431 P675 2009)

Publisher: Stoelting Co.
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude


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