Lab Bookings / Class Schedule


Instructors who wish to book the lab for a specific course/class may do so by using the On-line Booking Forms by clicking here.

Other information to be noted:

  • Please be advised that the BSB 159 teaching lab has a 24 person capacity in the open area (including PC 22, the Instructor PC).
  • Please note and share this important lab information.
  • Lab layouts.
  • For other bookable computer lab resources available on campus, click here.


Currently booked times:

  • As more classes start using the lab, we have to allocate the use of the lab more carefully. It is particularly important that the lab only be booked for times that it will actually be used.
  • We plan to protect a large number of hours during the week for drop-in times. A T/A may be present during these drop-in times but the lab is not reserved for exclusive use of the course.
  • Except by special arrangement, we will book a maximum of one hour weekly for the exclusive use of a course. However, bookings made for specific weeks and selective dates will be considered for more than one hour weekly for a course.
  • Bookings are for the use of 159–central area plus cubicles.
  • We urge instructors who have a booked hour to allow use of computers in the cubicles by others if not needed by their students.
  • Computers in 162A are for the exclusive use of graduate students and faculty.
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