IPAT Anxiety Scale (1976) – (Also known as “Self-Analysis Forms”)

Title: IPAT Anxiety Scale (1976) – (Also known as “Self-Analysis Forms”)
Author: Cattell, R.B.; Krug, S.E.; Scheier, I.H.
Year: 1976

The IPAT is a brief, valid and non-stressful questionnaire scale, measuring anxiety levels in adults and young adults. The test is in questionnaire form, is practically self-administering and takes only five-to-ten minutes. It gives an accurate appraisal of free anxiety level, supplementing clinical diagnosis, and facilitating all kinds of research or mass screening operations where very little diagnostic or assessment time can be spent with each examinee. Ages 14 and over.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults

1 Book for the IPAT Anxiety Scale

1 IPAT Handbook for the Anxiety Scale Questionnaire

1 Recent Data on IPAT Anxiety Tests

1 Self Analysis Form

1 Test and Review Print Out

1 Key for Anxiety Scale (Self Analysis Form)


Administration Forms in BSB 158A


Institute for Personality & Ability Testing

Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Personality – Non-projective


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