Human Information Processing Survey (HIP)

Title: Human Information Processing Survey (HIP)
Author: Taggart, B., Taggart W., & Torrance, E. P.
Year: 1984
Description: The Human Information Processing Survey claims to “assess processing preference–left, right, integrated or mixed brain functioning”. MMYB review says “What the HIP elicits is a self-reported style of thinking that is much influenced by formal and experiential learning as by task-demands.”
Age Range: Adults
Administration: Group
Inventory: 2 Complete kits (1 Professional Edition & 1 Research Edition)

  • 2 Administrator’s manuals @$25.00
  • 10 Professional Edition Survey Forms @$1.00
  • 10 Professional Edition Strategy and Tactics Profiles @$1.00
  • 20 Research Edition Reusable Survey Forms @$1.00
  • 20 Research Edition Strategy Profiles @$1.00
  • 20 Research Edition Response Sheets @$1.00
Location: BSB 158A
Publisher: Scholastic Testing Service, Inc.
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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