Grooved Pegboard Test (Lafayette – model 32025)

Title: Grooved Pegboard Test (Lafayette – model 32025)
Author: Lafayette Instrument Company
Year: 2011
Description: The Grooved Pegboard Test task measures eye/hand coordination and motor speed. This manipulative dexterity test contains twenty-five holes with randomly positioned slots and pegs which have a key along one side. Pegs must be rotated to match the hole before they can be inserted.

This procedure measures performance speed in a fine motor task by examining both sides of the body, inferences may be drawn regarding possible lateral brain damage.

The test requires more complete visual motor coordination than most of our pegboards and has been used in several neuropsychological test batteries, in student labs, and as a screening technique in industrial environment.

The Grooved Pegboard is equipped with pegs, and examiner’s manual with norms.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 2 Kits

  • 1 Set of 25 Ridged pegs in bag
  • 1 Pegboard (with 10-centimeter-square metal board)
  • 1 Manual (original and copy)
Location: 2 kits in BSB 160G (Shelf 4)
Publisher: Lafayette Instrument Company Inc.
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Sensory-Motor
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