General Information on Lab Booking

Instructors and lab users please note and help yourself and help make the lab operate in the best interests of all by:

  • f: drive Always save to your f: drive – not the c: drive, the desktop, etc or your files will be lost on exiting.
  • Food and/or Drink(s) – coffee/ drinks with lids, cold snacks can be consumed; users are asked to be mindful of the computers and furnishings. Users should dispose of their trash in the garbage bins provided.
  • Our Lab guidelines further state that: “Anyone using the Psychology Lab facilities for non-academic purposes or intentionally disrupting the work of others will have their accounts locked and the privilege to use these systems revoked.”
  • Access to computing and information technology facilities is a privilege.
  • Users who contravene the relevant policies and laws may be subject to immediate withdrawal of the privilege and/or disciplinary procedures.
  • Illegal acts involving computing and information technology facilities may also be subject to criminal prosecution or other legal action.
  • Please remind your students that they have the right to ask someone using the computers for non-academic use to give up the computer to them for legitimate academic use. Lab signage details these guidelines.


  • Authorized Users can help keep your work environment safe and secure by NOT opening the doors or providing unauthorized access to the computer lab or to the building. Door access to the Behavioural Sciences Building, Hebb Computer Labs is available to authorized and legitimate students, staff and faculty with a valid YUCard. You are responsible for your card and its use. Do not lend or share your access card or your computer account.
  • Security patrols are made of the Behavioural Sciences Building. You may be asked for ID and unauthorized users will have to leave and a report will be made.

ACCOUNTS: PASSPORT YORK Passport York authenticates you as a member of the York computing community, and gives you access to a wide range of University services.

  • Computer access in the Hebb Computer Labs is for York Psychology faculty;  graduate students; and undergraduate students enrolled in courses booking the lab.

For full details see: (For staff and faculty) (For students)


  • BSB 162 (arruda-B&W) Black/White printers cost .10 cents per page.
  • Our printers use the YU-card system to cover the cost of printing. For information on how to obtain or deposit money to your YU-card, click here.
  • Lab printers are for the exclusive use of faculty, students and staff of the Department of Psychology.


  • FAS account holders have been allocated their own space on the server. Users are advised to get into the habit of using the F: drive as their working directory. Save files onto removable media (USB keys, memory sticks etc.) to enable you to take files with you to work on them elsewhere. Using the F: drive will help to minimize problems that can be experienced with external media.


  • A computer projector is permanently installed in the BSB 159 Teaching lab. A Lab Advisor in BSB 159A will turn it on for you at the start of class and turn it off once your class is over.
  • The Projector is hooked up to PC 22 – the instructor computer. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE BUTTONS ON THE UNIT ITSELF – it has been pre-set for optimal operation.

Computing Commons & Scott Library Computing Computer access and support for all York students

The Computing Commons lab in the William Small Centre and the TEL Computing Commons at 1017 TEL are available to all York University students and faculty, with help on site from the students at the UIT Client Services Helpdesk counters.

The Scott Library offers many computers with word processing and productivity software, as well as access to online research tools. Help is available on site from students (for computer skills) and reference librarians (for research and writing). Hours of operation and more information can be found online at

Accounts Both the Computing Commons and the full-service workstations in Scott Library require users to log in using PPY account, which can be activated using Manage My Services at

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