Family Assessment Measure III (FAM-III)

Title: Family Assessment Measure III (FAM-III)
Author: Skinner, H. A., Steinhauer, P. D. & Santa-Barbara, J.
Year: 1995
Description: The Family Assessment Measure III (FAM-III) is a self-report instrument that provides quantitative indices of family strengths and weaknesses. The FAM is based on a Process Model of Family Functioning that integrates different approaches to family therapy and research. The basic concepts assessed by the FAM include: Task Accomplishment, Role Performance, Communication, Affective Expression, Involvement, Control, and Values and Norms. The FAM consists of three components: (1) a General Scale, which focuses on the family as a system; (2) a Dyadic Relationships Scale, which examines relationships between specific pairs; and (3) a perception of his or her functioning in the family. Each scale provides a different perspective on family functioning. The FAM takes about 30-40 minutes to administer and may be used in clinical and research settings as a diagnostic tool, as a measure of therapy progress and outcome, or as an instrument for basic research on family processes. Preliminary data on the reliability and discriminating power of the FAM indicated that the FAM is able to discriminate between clinical and non-clinical families.
Age Range: Ages 10 and Up
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit:

  • 1 Manual @ $84.00
  • 15 Color Plots @ $3.00
  • 25 Self-Rating Scales @ $2.00
  • 25 Dyadic Relationship Scales @ $2.00
  • 30 General Scales @ $2.00
Publisher: MHS – Multi-Health Systems Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Clinical Assessment
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