Faculty Research Reports

Title Year Author
Academic achievement and the interaction model of personality Jun-76 Endler, Norman S., & Rushton, John Philippe
Academic examinations and anxiety: The interaction model empirically tested Dec-80 Endler, N. S., & Phillips, J. B.
Adaptation of frequency-shifted auditory feedback Jan-79 Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick
Affiliation, spacing and social dominance among preschool children Oct-75 Strayer, F. F., & Strayer, Janet
Altruistic behaviour of children May-75 Rushton, John Philippe
Anatomical and neuroanatomical asymmetries in autistic children Jul-78 Blackstock, E. & Malvestuto, G.
Anxiety and depression: Evidence for differentiation of commonly co-occurring constructs May-96 Denisoff, Eilenna, Rutherford, Alexandra, & Endler, Norman S.
Anxiety and the person by situation interaction model Apr-80 Endler, N. S.
APL matrix library for interactive multivariate analysis Dec-80 Friendly, Micheal
Apparent curvature of a flat surface seen by a moving observer Jun-80 Anstis, Stuart, O’Mahony, Michael, & Rogers, Brian
Applications of the interaction model of personality to real life situations Jun-82 Endler, Norman S.
Aspects of experience seeking Dec-80 Hoffman, Franklin M., Kohn, Paul M., & Hunt, Robert W.
Assessing the approach-avoidance: The predictive validity of stylistic coping measures Oct-96 Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra
Assessment of coping with health problems Feb-98 Endler, Norman S. & Johnson, Judith M.
Assessment of coping: The multidimensional coping inventory Jul-88 Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A.
Assessment of multidimensional coping: Task, emotion and avoidance strategies Nov-91 Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A.
Assessment of state and trait anxiety: Endler multidimensional anxiety scales 1988? Edwards, Jean M., Vitelli, Romeo, Parker, James D. A., & Endler, Norman S.
Auditory adaptation to gradual rise or fall in intensity of a tone Oct-76 Anstis, Stuart, & Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony
Autism: Spontaneous functional and listening asymmetries May-79 Bebko, J. M., & Blackstock, E. G.
Balanced vs one-sided communications about drugs Dec-74 Kohn, Paul M., & Snook, Suzi
Beck Depression Inventory: Exploring its multidimensionality Apr-97 Denisoff, Eilenna, Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra
Brentano’s Psychology from an empirical standpoint and Freud’s early metapsychology Feb-75 Fancher, R.E.
Cerebral Asymmetry and the development of infantile autism Jul-77 Blackstock, E. G.
Children’s understanding of work and play Mar-76 Day, Hy I. & Forteath, Caroline
Client sex and level of cognitive differentiation: Variables influencing clients’ in-session experiential process Feb-89 Toukmanian, Shake G.
Comparison of clinical and nonclinial panic attacks: Is there a panic-anxiety continuum? Aug-89 Cox, Brian J. & Endler, Norman S.
Computer control of memory experiments on a large-scale time sharing system Jul-78 Franklin, P., & Friendly, M. L.
Consistency of inconsistency Sep-84 Endler, Norman S.
Controllability, coping, efficacy, and distress Jan-98 Endler, Norman S, Speer, Rachel L., Johnson, Judith M. & Flett, Gordon L.
Coping Psychotherapeutic Intervention and well-being in cancer patients Aug-96 Courbasson, Christine, & Endler, Norman S.
Coping styles, anxiety and depression Aug-88 Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
Coping with Cancer: The evidence for the temporal stability of the French Canadian version of the Coping with Health, Injuries and Problems (CHIP) Sep-97 Endler, Norman S., Courbasson, Christine, & Fillion, Lise
Coping with coping assessment: A critical review Aug-90 Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
Coping with frustrations to self-realization: Stress, anxiety, crises and adjustment Apr-88 Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
Coping with health problems: Conceptual and methodological issues Apr-93 Summerfeldt, Laura J., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
Coping with health problems: Developing a reliability and valid multidimensional measure May-92 Endler, Norman S., Parker, James D. A., & Summerfeldt, Laura J.
Coping, life stress, and psychological and somatic distress Jun-93 Endler, Norman S., & Higgins, June
Coyne’s interactional model of depression: A critical evaluation May-93 Endler, Norman S., & Kingstone, Judith C.
Craik-o’Brien-Cornseet illusion for visual depth Dec-76 Anstis, Stuart, & Howard, Ian
Curiosity, creativity and attitude to schooling in open-plan and traditional schools (grades 2-4) Feb-76 Day, Hy I.
Daisy reference manual Oct-76 Friendly, M. L. & Levine, R. M
Decay of grating adaptation Mar-76 Bodinger, Deborah M.
Demonstrations of apparent reversals in visual movement, depth and, vernier offset Oct-77 Anstis, Stuart
Desired control measure: Some psychometric data Oct-79 Haas-Hawkings, Gwen, Riusech, Rosa, Reid, David W., Ziegler, Michael, Sangster, Sandra
Development of responses to animate and inanimate objects in the first year of lige: Evidence for perceptual or conceptual representation Sep-91 Legterstee, Maria
Developmental changes in adolescent’s cognitive structure concerning marijuana Sep-80 Annis, Helen M., Chan, David W., & Kohn, Paul M.
Developmental changes in attitudes towards complexity Dec-75 Crawford, Gail C. & Day, Hy I.
Diffusion of responsibility in charitable donations Feb-81 Austrom, Douglas, Silverman, Irwin, & Wiesenthal, David L.,
Directions of objects seen from the cyclopian eye Jan-76 Ono, Hiroshi
Dominance and status among captive squirrel monkeys: A systematic comparison of assessment techniques Oct-75 Rhodes, Wayne, Strayer, F. F. & Smith, Martin
Don’t fence me in: Recent research and theoretical developments in the study of human crowding May-75 Buchalter, Pepi, & Wiesenthal, David L.
Dunamic mental processes and the assessment of culturally-diverse children Jul-87 Pascual-Leone, Juan
Educational and employment options for psychology majors Oct-82 Goranson, Richard, & Hatch, Wendy E.
Effect ordering for data displays* 1-Jul Friendly, Michael, & Kwan, Ernest
Effectance theory and therapy: A new theory of human motivation Aug-83 Kusyszyn, Igor
Effectance: A new measure of self-Actualization Aug-83 Lamont, Donald J., & Kusyszyn, Igor
Effects of luminance and contrast on direction of ambiguous apparent motion Feb-84 Anstis, S. & Mather, G.
Effects of race on initial clinical assessment Dec-75 Bromberg, Richard & Rudestam, Kjell Erik
Electroconvulsive therapy: Fact and fiction Sep-86 Endler, Norman S.
Emotions, development and psychotherapy: A dialectical constructivist perspective Jan-90 Pascual-Leone, Juan
Empirical test of the interaction model of anxiety in a competitive equestrian setting Jul-97 Endler, Norman S., & Trotter, Monique Ann
Endler multidimensional anxiety scale-T (EMAS-T) and Endler multidimensional anxiety scake-S (EMAS-S): A manual for state and trait anxiety measures Dec-85 Edwards, Jean M., Vitelli, Romeo, & Endler, Norman S.
Essay on wisdom: Toward organismic processes that make it possible 1990? Pascual-Leone, Juan
Ethnocentrism vs. pragmatism in the conduct of human affairs Nov-95 Case, Danielle, & Silverman, Irwin
Evolution of the personality construct in marketing and its applicability to contemporary personality research Apr-95 Endler, Norman S., & Rosenstein, Alvin J.
Evolutionary psychology of spatial sex differences Nov-95 Phillips, Krista, & Silverman, Irwin
Examination induced anxiety: An empirical test of the interaction model Dec-80 Edwards, J., Endler, N. S., King, P. R., & Kuczynski, M.
Existence, effectance, esteem: From gambling to a new theory of human motivation Jun-88 Kusyszyn, Igor
Experience of freedom in psychotherapy and behaviour change Jul-75 Enns, Kenneth Loewen
Factor analytic study of coping styles and the MMPI-2 content scales Apr-92 Butcher, James N., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D.
Free will: An exercise in metaphysical truth or psychological consequences Apr-76 Westcott, Malcolm R.
French adaptation of the shortened version of the Profile of Mood States (POMS) Apr-98 Fillion, L. & Gagnon, P.
General versus specific self-efficacy, and perceived versus objective control in relation to anxiety and cognitive performance May-98 Endler, Norman S., Speer, Rachel L., Johnson, Judith M., & Flett, Gordon
Generality of the interaction model of anxiety with respect to three social evaluation field studies Feb-82 Diveky, Sylvia, Endler, Norman S., King, Paul R., Edwards, Jean M., Kuczynski, Mary, McGuire, Ann
Genetic and prenatal infulences upon behaviour and development Sep-82 Wachs, T. D. & Weismann, F.
Growing into human maturity: Towards a metasubjective theory of adulthood stages Mar-82 Pascual-Leone, Juan
Hassles, Health and Happiness Mar-87 Endler, Norman S.
Health, cancer, and coping with stress Oct-95 Courbasson, Christine M., Endler, Norman S., & Cunningham, Alastair J.
Historical construction of social roles in the psychological experiment Jul-82 Danziger, Kurt
History of introspection reconsidered Oct-79 Danziger, Kurt
Homogeneity of effect sizes for sex across spatial tests and cultures: Implications for hormonal theories Mar-96 Phillips, Krista, Silverman, Laura K., & Silverman, Irwin
Imager and concreteness ratings for 1080 verbal items Sep-80 Franklin, Patricia, Hoffman, David, & Friendly, Michael L.,
In search of the M-Gram: The structure of organization in free recall Jan-76 Friendly, Micheal L.
Induced tilt from checkerboards: Edges vs. fourier components Jul-80 Anstis, Stuart, & Tyler, Christopher
Information processing approach to the development of the piagetian concept of seriation Feb-76 Blackstock, Edward G.
Intelligence and experience: A neopiagetian approach Jun-79 Goodman, D., 7 Pascal-Leone, J.
Interaction model of anxiety and coping: The threat of Quebec’s separation from Canada Jun-97 Endler, Norman S., Fairlie, Paul, & Flett, Gordon L.
Interaction model of anxiety and dental treatment Jun-84 Ackerman, Cheryl A. & Endler, Norman S.
Interaction model of anxiety assessed in a psychotherapy situation Jul-82 Edwards, J. M., Kowalchuk, B. P., & Endler, N. S.,
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in a parachute training situation Feb-91 Crooks, Dean S., Parker, James D. A., & Endler, Norman S.
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in a social situation Dec-75 Endler, Norman S., Okada, Marilyn & Flood, Martin
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in an athletic competition situation Jan-76 Endler, Norman S. & Flood, Martin
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in an examination situation Sep-75 Endler, Norman S., & Magnusson, David
Interaction of perceptual and quantitative load factors in the control of variables Aug-77 Scardamalia, M.
Interactionism Nov-81 Endler, Norman S.
Interactionism comes of age Dec-80 Endler, N. S.
Interactionism in personality in the twentieth century Aug-84 Edwards, Jean M.& Endler, Norman S.
Interactionism revisited: Persons, situations, and behaviour Jun-88 Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A.
Interactionism revisited: Reflections on the continuing crisis in the personality area Nov-90 Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
Interactionism: A personality model, but not yet a theory Feb-82 Endler, Norman S.
Interactions between simulateous contrast and adaptation to gradual change of luminance Jun-78 Anstis, Stuart
Interactions between simultaneous contrast and coloured afterimages Jan-77 Anstis, Stuart, Rogers, Brian, & Henry, Jean
Investigation of reduced illumination on limited access freeways Apr-81 Kaiser, P. K., Ruisech, R. M. F., Sangster, S. L
Kindling paradigm – Behavioural and chemical aspects: The interanimal retardation effect Nov-75 Gaito, John
Least squares estimation of individual differences in multidimensional scaling Apr-76 Krane, William R.
Life experiences, coping and weight preoccupation Aug-97 Denisoff, Eilenna, & Endler, Norman S.
Locus of control as a mediator of adaptive behavior in children and adolesdents Dec-76 Gilmor, Timothy M.
Locus of control as an important concept for an interactionist approach to behaviour with particular application to psychological stress Apr-75 Reid, David W.
Luminance profiles demonstrate non-linearities of brightness perception Jul-76 Anstis, Stuart
Manic-depression and its treatment May-84 Endler, Norman S.
Manual for recording, transcribing, and analyzing speech samples of preschool children Jul-90 Blake, Joanna, & Quartaro, Georgia
Medical intervention and the interaction model of anxiety Dec-80 Endler, N. S., & King, P. R.
Metaphor and meaning in psychotherapy: A qualitative analysis of four therapy dyads Jan-89 Angus, Lynne
Minimum motion technique for judging equiluminance, A 1982? Anstis, S.M. and Cavanagh, P.
Monitoring the information-processing demands of attention switching Apr-76 Laabs, G. J. & Stager, P.
Monocular visual channels can interact binocularly in apparent movement perception Aug-77 Anstis, Stuart
Mosaic displays for multi-way contingency tables Jul-91 Friendly, Michael
Motion and flicker look faster in peripheral vision Feb-84 Anstis, S., Lavieille, L., & Mather, G.
Multidimensional aspects of state and trait anxiety: A cross-cultural study of Canadian and Swedish college students Apr-75 Endler, Norman S., & Magnusson, David
Multidimensionality of state and trait anxiety: A cross-cultural study comparing American, Canadian, Israeli, and German young adults Apr-90 Endler, Norman S., Lobel, Thalma, Parker, James D. A., & Schmitz, Paul
Multidimensionality of state and trait anxiety: The factor structure of the Endler multidimensional anxiety scales Dec-89 Bagby, Michael R., Cox, Brian J., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A.
My experience in teaching statistics by the Keller plan Sep-84 Herzberg, Paul A.
Neurological origins of psychoanalysis Mar-76 Fancher, Raymond E.
Neuroticism: How does one slice the pi(e)? Oct-95 Denisoff, Eilenna, Endler, Norman S., & Rutherford, Alexandra
Non-cognitive factors in adult learning Nov-92 Irwin, Ronald R., & Pascual-Leone, Juan
Nonverbal cues employed in discriminating between disabled persons and actors Sep-82 Hurford, D. E., Wiesenthal, D. L., & Theodor, L. H.
Organismic processes for neo-Piagetian theories: a dialectical causal account of cognitive development Mar-88 Pascual-Leone, Juan
Parallel scanning model for memory retrieval Apr-76 Burrows, David & Okada, Ronald
Parental control and adolescents’ aspirations: Limitations on a general hypothesis Feb-77 Danziger, Kurt
Perceptual information processing strategies and the simultaneous acquisition of French and English: An exploratory study Oct-75 Blackstock, E. G., Wallis, D. A., & Springer, S. A.
Perceptual-cognitive model for counselling and psychotherapy, A 1983? Toukmanian, Shake G.
Person by treatment interactions in personality research Feb-77 Edwards, Jean, & Endler, Norman S.
Personality and depression: Conceptual and methodological considerations Nov-91 Hewitt, Paul L., Endler, Norman S., Bagby, R. Michael, Flett, Gordon L.
Personality and social factors in adolescent marihuana use: A path-analytic study Aug-77 Kohn, Paul
Personality disorders from an interactional perspective Jul-86 Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S.
Personality Research Jan-83 Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S.
Personality research: Theories, issues and methods Aug-89 Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A.
Personality, learning theory and the S-R paradigm May-76 Weismann, Frederic
Personality: An interactional perspective Oct-92 Endler, Norman S.
Personalized methods of intsruction in university: Some investigations and comments Apr-81 Sheese, R. L.
Persons, situations and their interactions Feb-79 Endler, N.S.
Play, sexual attraction and affiliation among captive squirrel monkeys Oct-75 Harris, Patricia J., & Strayer, F.
Positivist repudiation of Wundt Feb-79 Danziger, Kurt
Predicting teacher trainee performance using a biographical information blank May-77 Toukmanian, S.
Probe reaction time as an index of multiple – task performance Apr-76 Laabs, G. J. & Stager, P.
Problems with heterochromatic photometry Mar-75 Kaiser, P. K., & Kinney, J. A. S.
Productivity and scholarly impact of British, Canadian, and U.S. departments of psychology Jul-78 Roediger, H. L., Endler, N. S., Rushton, J. P.
Psychological Unit and its Role in Task Analysis 1990? Johnson, Janice, & Pascual-Leone, Juan
Psychology journals in the York University libraries Mar-82 Goranson, Richard E.
Psychology of gambling Aug-83 Kusyszyn, Igor
Pursuing the perceptual rather than the retinal stimulus Apr-76 Steinbach, Martin J.
Quantitative and qualitative aspects of experienced freedom Jul-80 Westcott, Malcolm R.
Question of identity: Who participated in psychology experiments Jun-86 Danziger, Kurt
Recall: A FORTRAN program for analysis of free recall protocols May-75 Friendly, Micheal L.
Recognition vs recall of visually vs acoustically confusable letter matrices Feb-76 Blake, Joanna, Theodor, Leonard & Vingilis, Evelyn
Reflections on life-span intelligence, consciousness and ego development Jul-85 Pascual-Leone, Juan
Relationship of procrastination and trait-anxiety to measures of emotion and coping during three stages of an examination period Apr-87 Edwards, Jean M., Lay, Clarry , H., Parker, James D. & Endler, Norman S.
Reliability, and concurrent and predictive validity of the subjective appraisal rating scale in HIV-infected men and women Apr-98 Fillion, L., Hurwitz, B.E., Milanovich, J.R., Motivala, S.J., Graves, J., & Schneiderman, N.
Representation of social dominance in children’s drawings Sep-75 Strayer, F. F., & Strayer, Janet
Research productivity and scholarly impact of Canadian psychology departments Sep-76 Endler, Norman S.
Reversibility of initial levels of relative competence in mathematical ability on subsequent conformity Dec-80 Edwards, Jean, Wiesenthal, David L. & Endler, Norman S.
Reversibility of relative competence as a determinant of conformity across different perceptual tasks Feb-75 Coward, Teresa R., Edwards, Jean, Wiesenthal, David L., & Endler, Norman S.
Review of major theories for natural language understanding Jul-77 Edwards, J. L.
Role of person by situation interactions in personality theory Nov-75 Endler, Norman S.
S-R Inventory of general trait anxiousness Dec-74 Endler, Norman S., & Okada, Marilyn
Scholarly impact of psychologists May-85 Endler, Norman S.
Self-Regulation and distress in Clinical psychology Feb-98 Endler, Norman S. & Kocovski, Nancy L.
Self-reports of depression and state-trait anxiety: Evidence for differential assessment Sep-91 Bagby, R. Michael, Endler, Norman S., Cox, Brian J., & Parker, James D. A
Sex roles and perceived relative competence as facotrs in behaviour conformity Oct-80 Endler, N. S., & Wiesenthal, D. L.
Situational aspects of interactional psychology Jun-79 Endler, N. S.
Sociopolitical factors and stigma in depression Feb-89 Endler, Norman S.
Some considerations for selecting an appropriate multiple comparison procedure Feb-75 Breen, Lawrence, & Endler, Norman, S.
Sources of instability in the distribution of control among italian immigrant and non-immigrant families in canada Jan-77 Danziger, Kurt
State & trait anxiety: A cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and Caucasian students in a Canadian sample May-93 Endler, Norman S., & Lin, Merry C.
State anxiety, trait anxiety, and coping style in Mexican and Canadian young adults Mar-90 Endler, Norman S., Parker, James D. A. , & Weiser, Liza
State-trait coping, state-trait anxiety and academic performance Jun-93 Endler, Norman S., Kantor, Ludmila, & Parker, James D. A.
Stereoscopic depth constancy Oct-75 Comerford, James, & Ono, Hiroshi
Stress & personality Apr-82 Edwards, J. M., & Endler, N. S.
Stress and vulnerability related to anxiety disorders May-86 Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S.
Stress, anxiety and coping: the multidimensional interaction model Nov-97 Endler, Norman S
Subjects variables and reactance to persuasive communications about drugs Apr-75 Barnes, Gordon E., & Kohn, Paul M.
Subliminal advertising: What you see is what you get Apr-81 Moore, Timothy E.
Supportive vs. defensive communications in depression: An assessment of Coyne’s interactional model Oct-93 Endler, Norman S., & Kingstone, Judith C.
Survey of York University 1976-78 B.A. and B.Sc. graduates in psychology located in metropolitan Toronto Novermber 1979 Rennie, David
Sweating at night: some ethical paradoxes confronting social psychological research Dec-80 Wiesenthal, David L.
Temperamental nature of personality Feb-88 Endler, Norman S.
Ten years of research on early experience and early intelligence: A step away from pitiful ignorance May-81 Wachs, Theodore D.
Three dimensional interpretation of White’s effectance motivation Jul-78 Kusyszyn, I. & Lamont, D.
To know or not to know: That is the question May-84 Endler, Norman S.
Toward a verdical psychology: the social psychology of the psychological experiment. Feb-76 Siverman, Irwin
Toward an interactional psychology of personality Mar-76 Endler, Norman S. & Magnusson, David
Toward psychological studies of human freedom Aug-76 Westcott, Malcolm R.
Trends in conformity research Dec-76 Edwards, Jean, Endler, Norman S., Koza, Pamela, Walton, Allan, Emmott, Shelagh, & Wiesenthal, David
Trends in personality research: 1993-1995 Jul-96 Endler, Norman S., & Speer, Rachel L.
User’s guide for MOSAICS: A SAS/IML program for mosaic displays Jul-92 Friendly, Michael
Validation of the shortened COPE for use with breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy May-98 Fillion, L., Kovacs, A., Gagnon, P., & Endler, N.S.
Validity data on a modified version of Pearson’s novelty-experiencing scale Apr-75 Annis, Helen M., & Kohn, Paul M.
Variations on a theme Jan-87 Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S.
Vector diagrams illustrate SIN waves and Fourier series Dec-77 Anstis, Stuart
Verbal deficits in Klinefleter (XXY) adults living in the community Apr-87 DeFeudis, Patricia, Endler, Norman S., Porter, M. Elaine, & Gardner, H. Allen
Visual psychophysics on the Apple II: Getting started Jun-80 Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick
Volunteering in principle, volunteering in fact, and experience seeking Apr-81 Cowles, Michael P., Kohn, Paul M., Hunt, Robert W., & Davis, Caroline A.
What goes up need not come down: Moving flicker edges give positive motion aftereffects Jul-80 Anstis, Stuart, & Cavanagh, Patrick
When more is less Jun-93 Westcott, Malcolm R.
Whence interactional Psychology? March, 1982 Endler, N.S.
Where the stars are: The top 25 psychologists in Canada Mar-78 Endler, N. S.
Why Graduate Record Examination test scores are used in selecting applicants to psychology programs in Canada: A survey Dec-81 Lay, Clarry H.
Woman’s place — In the home or in a career Mar-80 Greenglass, E. R.
Work and play in the 21st century: workfulness at play and playfulness at work Apr-84 Day, H. I.
Wundt and the two traditions of psychology Jun-79 Danziger, Kurt
Wundt’s theory of behaviour and volition Oct-79 Danziger, Kurt
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